Sports Psychologist Offers Free Services to Athletes

Jun 23, 2010, 14:21 ET from The Extra Gear

RICHMOND, Va., June 23 /PRNewswire/ -- While almost everyone recognizes that the psychology of sport is key to success, only a handful of athletes actually know where to begin.  That's where Dana Blackmer, Ph.D., CC-AASP comes into play.  Blackmer, founder of The Extra Gear, is one of the Commonwealth's only certified consultants by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.

Athletes who need help getting motivated, staying positive and maintaining focus can turn to Blackmer's email newsletter and social media resources for free tips on how to dominate their next competition or recover from an injury.  To learn skills such as imagery, intensity regulation and self-talk:

Blackmer also offers free sports psychology advice via e-newsletter, which is available through his website and Facebook page. is also home to a free online sports psychology video training library and downloadable training articles.  

There are often two general misunderstandings about sports psychology," explains Blackmer. "First, this is not about working with crazy athletes.  And second, there's a myth that sports psychology is only for elite or pro athletes."

Blackmer, who is also an adjunct faculty member at Virginia Commonwealth University's Sport Leadership Center, has stayed at the forefront of sports psychology in our area by teaching courses on the topic, serving as a certified USA Cycling coach, and assisting clients who range from teens preparing for college sports to Master-level athletes recovering from injury.

"I love working with the wide variety of athletes who come to me to improve their mental game," says Blackmer.  "Right now I'm seeing a diver, a swimmer, a field hockey player, softball player, tennis player, and someone who runs track and field."  

By enlisting the help of a certified consultant, Blackmer says that athletes can acquire practical, research-based mental training techniques.  "There are no magic bullets," he explains, "no empty promises or one-size-fits-all training plans."  Instead, Blackmer points to pragmatic mental training tactics that can quickly be applied to any sport at any level.  

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