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In a bid to banish the January blues and take advantage of the sale period, January is the opportune time when people start to look at booking a holiday and see what's available. Skiing can be an expensive holiday but with travel agents and online travel companies slashing their prices, it is worth taking a look at their offers across ski resorts. take a look at how to plan for a skiing holiday.

The majority of European ski resorts are open between November and March, with Christmas, February Half Term and Easter being the prime times for people to head up to the slopes, therefore being the most expensive. According to, January has the best deals for European ski resorts and it tends to be a lot more quiet and peaceful, opposed to any other time in the year.

There is a risk of poor skiing conditions in the run up to the end of the season, however the days will be longer, leaving more time on the slopes, plus there is more chance of catching some rays from the sun and it therefore not being as cold.

For first time skiers it is always best to book onto a few skiing lessons beforehand and improve on cardio-vascular fitness as well as core strength to ensure that the slopes won't be too challenging, fitness wise. Running, cycling, squat reps and sit-ups are all great ways to prepare.

When it comes to skiing equipment, most of it, such as ski boots and skis, can be hired from the resort, and it means no cost for transporting bulky items on flights, however there are some essentials that every skier will need. have a great range of ski jackets, trousers, goggles, base layers, hats and gloves that have all been especially designed for skiing. Their Helly Hansen, Nevica and Campri ranges all have a fantastic selection of ski clothing and accessories, and their prices won't break the bank.

Even after having a few ski lessons on dry slopes, it is always best to have a professional ski lesson to ensure safe skiing, and they will be able to provide guides as to which slopes to try out first and which ones to avoid.

Visit for their full range of ski wear and equipment. Join in the conversation on and

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