SpotRight Introduces The First Social Measurement Solution That Helps Marketers Increase Loyalty By Gauging Which Customers Will Stay or Go

Through A Strategic Partnership with DataSift, Digital and Brand Marketers Will Now Be Able To Tune into the Targeted Audiences That Matter Most

Sep 20, 2013, 08:00 ET from SpotRight

BOULDER, Colo., Sept. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SpotRight, the first social data company created to meet the specific needs of data-driven marketers, announced today the introduction of a new social measurement solution that allows marketers to tune into real-time social data, such as tweets, social comments and engagements, of specific groups of consumers - whether they be existing customers, targeted customers or the customers of a brand's competitors. The new solution is especially powerful as it connects directly with brands' CRM data and will pave the way towards concrete and measurable social ROI for digital and brand marketers. To help power this new solution, SpotRight has partnered with DataSift to provide the real-time social data stream to their data asset, GraphMassive.


SpotRight's GraphMassive consists of 300 million social profiles, and over 10 billion connected relationships, giving brands an unprecedented view of how their existing customers are connected to other brands and like-minded consumers. Leveraging the combined power of GraphMassive and DataSift, brands can monitor exact slices of the social graph, down to the individual consumer level, and link that data to enterprise CRM and BI systems.

"The ability for a brand or enterprise to measure the social behaviors on any specific audience, including a brands own customers, is an important next step in measuring the real value of social media," said Ed Messman, CEO of SpotRight. "We are thrilled to be working with DataSift to capture real-time social streams. The addition of 'real-time" data to our social graph asset, GraphMassive, is the next evolution of marketing and what brands have been craving to integrate social media as a measurable data source into existing customer loyalty programs."

In customer evaluations, SpotRight has found the solution to be especially appealing to brands with high customer acquisition costs and costly churn rates. The solution can reduce churn by measuring the social signals of existing customers and identifying those who may be at risk, thereby providing an early warning system into interest and intent that can mean the difference between customer retention and loss. Beyond retention efforts, the unique capabilities of the new solution allow for several new applications for data-driven marketers including:

  • measuring the social activity of specific audience segments in order to generate insights that guide modeling audiences at scale.
  • acquiring new customers by linking social behavior to digital and social advertising for automated targeting based on intent 
  • enabling brands to take action on real-time social insights to power personalization of the consumer and customer experience
  • giving marketers the ability to uniquely measure a promoted group of consumers and the earned media impact within a customer graph.  

"We love working with companies that are doing innovative things to convert social data into key insights and make it actionable for brands," said Rob Bailey, CEO of DataSift. "The combination of SpotRight and DataSift, will enable companies to have the power to monitor and measure social data against specific audience segments and integrate this new data into retention, acquisition and service strategies across the business. SpotRight enables companies to go beyond passive monitoring and use social to generate incremental ROI with customers."

SpotRight is currently working with multiple F1000 brands and will be providing this solution to limited and select companies over the next few months before it rolls it out more broadly.

About SpotRight
SpotRight, founded in 2010, is the first social data company created to meet the specific needs of data-driven marketers. SpotRight offers solutions that help brands activate their CRM data by making the connection between their customer database and the rich social insights and relationships across social media.  Using this distilled big data, brands can create stronger marketing programs that identify and acquire new audiences, reduce churn, and improve the overall relationship they have with their customers.

About DataSift
DataSift Inc. is the leading big data platform for social businesses, enabling companies to aggregate, filter and extract insights from the billions of public social conversations on Twitter, leading social networks and millions of other sources. DataSift provides access to both real-time and historical social data to uncover insights and trends that relate to brands, businesses, financial markets, news and public opinion. Key investors include Scale Venture Partners, GRP Partners, and IA Ventures. DataSift has offices in San Francisco, New York, and Reading, U.K. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @datasift.

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