SSI Introduces Its Holistic Answer To ICD-10 Conversion Challenges, 10Smart™ Solution

Feb 15, 2012, 18:36 ET from The SSI Group, Inc.

MOBILE, Ala., Feb. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The SSI Group, Inc. (SSI), a market leader in improving the financial efficiency of the healthcare industry, today announced its 10Smart™ Solution -- an a la carte grouping of products designed to facilitate a perfect ICD-10 transition. 10Smart Solution consists of three product sets: ClickON® ClearView ICD-10, ClaimSmart Suite™ and A/Rchitect™, which includes an Analytics Suite, an ICD-10 Assessment Tool, as well as Claims Management and Contract Administration products.

"10Smart Solution is SSI technology to the power of 10," said Doug Bilbrey, SSI Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. "Leveraging these proven product sets together, healthcare providers will be exponentially better prepared for ICD-10. There's no questioning the far-reaching impact this conversion will have on the business of healthcare; however, with SSI's 10Smart Solution, providers can proactively ensure that impact is a positive one."

The first component of SSI's 10Smart Solution is ClickON ClearView ICD-10. This test harness enables providers to validate newly coded claims from their host system against ICD-10 edits to ensure compliance, while insulating the current production environment from interruption. ClickON ClearView ICD-10 will be of great value once ICD-10 edits are available.

ClaimSmart Suite, SSI's workflow-driven, fourth generation revenue cycle management (RCM) solution, is another key component of the company's 10Smart Solution. Fully integrating SSI's best-in-class EDI offerings, it allows providers to electronically bill ICD-10 coded claims to all payers and easily track payments. Utilizing Cloud Computing and offered via SaaS (Software-as-a-Service), ClaimSmart Suite increases productivity, reduces errors, streamlines workflows and enhances cash flow. It also features three intuitive dashboards, which provide access to the Suite's functionality and allow users to visualize key revenue cycle metrics in real-time, such as patient eligibility, claim submittals, claim status, remittances and payer confirmation reports. SSI's ICD-10-ready ClaimSmart Suite delivers the right information to the right person at the right time.

The third and most extensive component of SSI's 10Smart Solution is A/Rchitect -- a four-part, cloud-based set of products developed by MedWorth™, a wholly owned subsidiary of SSI. Spanning the ICD-10 conversion continuum from preparedness first steps, like historical utilization analysis, to post-conversion monitoring tools that aid in ongoing contract negotiation, these products are available individually or as a bundled package.

  • A/Rchitect's Analytics Suite serves to examine and deliver a provider's baseline operational performance prior to implementing ICD-10. 
  • A/Rchitect's ICD-10 Assessment Tool is particularly useful when prioritizing ICD-10 conversion efforts. Using historical data, it maps existing ICD-9 codes to pending ICD-10 codes to reveal specific areas of concern.
  • A/Rchitect's Claims Management product is designed to optimize claims tracking and workflow in anticipation of the increased complexity of ICD-10 codes and the exponential increase in transactions as a result.
  • A/Rchitect's Contract Administration product gives providers the capability to model proposed ICD-10-based contracts with nongovernmental payers and track payment accuracy.

With A/Rchitect's data-driven analytic insight, healthcare providers are empowered to make well-informed, effective ICD-10-related decisions.

"While we encourage our customers to consider implementing our entire 10Smart Solution, each of its components are available separately," added Bilbrey. "We're happy to consult with healthcare providers to assist in creating a customized 10Smart Solution that works for your enterprise's conversion strategy."

For complete information about SSI's 10Smart Solution, contact SSI Sales toll-free at 1-800-881-2739.  

About SSI: Established in 1988, SSI helped pioneer the concept of healthcare EDI and today is an established leader in developing and providing revenue cycle management solutions to the U.S. healthcare market. SSI operates the nation's second largest institutional healthcare claims clearinghouse, which is certified by EHNAC. SSI's proprietary ClickON® Technology has more than 200,000 built-in edits; delivers HIPAA-certified transactions from Claredi and MHCC; has more than 800 direct payer connections for both hospitals and physicians; and 1,200-plus gateway payer connections for both hospitals and physicians. SSI technology processes in excess of 311 million transactions annually (including claims, eligibility, remittances and claim statuses) totaling approximately $588 billion in billed claims revenue for its providers. The company maintains corporate headquarters in Mobile, Ala., and field facilities in Clearwater, Fla.; Denver, Colo. and Chesapeake, Va. SSI has approximately 385 employees and 2,200-plus clients nationwide.  More information is available at

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