SST Group To Show RDM (Radiation Dosage Monitor) At RSNA, Booth 3254

Now medical physicists, radiologists, technologists, and radiology directors can easily collect, control, analyze and optimize patient dose exposure.

Nov 06, 2015, 18:23 ET from SST Group Inc.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SST Group, Inc., a leading provider of DICOM distribution solutions in the United States, is excited to announce it will be demonstrating RDM for the first time at the 2015 RSNA conference in Chicago, Ill., November 29th through December 3rd.

RDM™ (Radiation Dosage Monitor) is designed to Collect, Control, Analyze and Optimize radiation doses delivered to patients during medical imaging and interventional examinations. It utilizes a Dose Archive and Communication System (DACS) to store and manage radiation dose data for patient current and historical procedures and includes all captured diagnostic, interventional and image-guided surgical ionizing events. The RDM is truly unique versus other DOSE Monitoring products, because it acquires, stores and analyzes data directly from the modality to present a more accurate dose estimate. Thanks to its intuitive browser-based user interface medical professionals gain complete control of the dose with instant access to a patient's dose history and real-time monitoring and alerts.

Our development partner "MPTronic, with its EU partner Medsquare, has quickly become the leading provider of Dose Management Systems (RDM) in Central Europe. The concept of DACS (Dose Archive and Communication) for radiation dose management will evolve to become what PACS is for DICOM images. With all of the focus on meeting requirements (NEMA, Joint Commission, Local, State and Federal), SST Group believes that Patient Dosage monitoring should go beyond the requirements and provide a complete history of your institution's population for all diagnostic, interventional and image-guided surgical ionizing events to be captured. This additional information allows your facility to truly see the entire picture on a patient's dosage history based on anatomical region. Not just what is sent to PACS. Our partnership with MPTronic allows SST Group to be at the forefront of this market as it matures," explained Richard Murphy, President, SST Group, Inc.

RDM fits seamlessly into the medical facility's infrastructure/imaging network and is compatible with the various types of imaging modalities from all manufacturers. Nice Hospital implemented the solution in 2014. Hospital personnel, Gyslaine Bruneton (IT Hospital Engineer) and Alain Fuchs (Medical Physicist) validate, "The integration of RDM in our IT infrastructure was accomplished simply and according to strategic deadlines. Today, via a user-friendly interface, we have a simple way of monitoring and preventing possible overexposures. The traceability of dose received by our patients has been simplified, and the dose reports inserted into the patient file provide an accurate record. By making technical data from interventional radiology exams accessible, the RDM solution enables medical physicists to estimate a patient's skin dose exposure more accurately."

Cecile Salvat, Medical Physicist, at Hopital Lariboisiere (AP-HP) in Paris, France reaffirms: "Thanks to its appropriate tools, RDM meets the requirements of French legislation perfectly and greatly facilitates the mission of medical physicists in imaging. Its user-friendly interface allows you to track, and enhance the reliability of radiation dose exposure data in order to establish targeted corrective actions, as necessary. RDM tracks high-risk patient exposure simply and efficiently. Thanks to the technical data collected by RDM, skin dose calculation in interventional radiology procedures for therapeutic use is now possible, including data from modalities more than 10 years old. This software helps bridge the gap between all participants in patient radiation safety, in order to optimize dose which is a long journey of continuous improvement teamwork."

"Leveraging MPTronic's experience in Europe allows SST Group to be at the forefront of dose management in the US and to provide our customers with a state-of-the art product that goes beyond the requirements," concludes Mike Sutherland, Sales Director, SST Group, Inc.

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