Staff, Visitors and Patients Informed at all Times & Alerted in Case of an Emergency

Brooklyn Hospital Center Builds 'Sense of Community' With Netpresenter Software

Mar 18, 2011, 10:20 ET from Netpresenter

NEW YORK, March 18, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York recently improved staff morale and cohesion by implementing Netpresenter software. The software is now used to manage internal news centrally, publish this on almost 1,000 staff PCs (as a screensaver) and several large TV screens, continuously keeping staff members up-to-date. Visitors and patients are kept informed using a dozen TV screens in public areas such as the cafeteria. The same system is used to alert all instantly in the case of an emergency.

"We were looking for a way to further improve staff morale and cohesion, and we found it. Netpresenter has a huge effect on improving employee satisfaction, morale and on building a sense of community," said Eric Sommer, senior writer & editor at The Brooklyn Hospital Center. "It is easy to see why Netpresenter is so popular amongst staff. Everyone wants to be recognized for work well done. When a team does something noteworthy, they now know everyone on staff will be aware of their achievement! This makes the team feel appreciated. No other tool I know has this immediate 'Boom, make them feel good' effect."

"We also use a newsletter, an intranet and brochures to communicate with staff members, but - looking at the time it takes to get a message out, compared to the positive effect on staff morale and staff cohesion - Netpresenter definitely has the best ROI of all the tools we use," continues Sommer.

The hospital also uses Netpresenter software to inform visitors and patients using multiple TV screens. Sommer: "We use Netpresenter for emergency notifications as well, to further improve our emergency communication plan. Luckily, we have not had any 'stop and hold everything that you are doing'-kind-of-emergencies since we implemented Netpresenter. Which is good news of course. But it is important to be prepared."

Netpresenter communication and alert software ensures hospitals' vital messages are seen and remembered, for example on compliance and training. The software can also automatically re-use information from existing intranets, CMS, databases, Excel and the internet, to allow easy publication of rosters, menu's or the latest healthcare news. Customers include many hospitals (GWUH, Maine Medical Center), multinationals (Sony, Nokia) and police organizations worldwide (AMBER Alert Netherlands).

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