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YORK, Pa., Dec. 14, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Pregnant women in their 2nd or 3rd trimesters may not feel as agile as they once were.  This becomes even more relevant as winter looms and snow or ice make navigating front steps and driveways across the U.S. more difficult.  


Husbands and partners of soon-to-be mothers should consider these 10 ways to not only help around the house during the final terms of a winter pregnancy, but also emotionally support their pregnant partner.

#10:  Encourage Nesting Instincts. Many pregnant women possess strong urges to paint, remodel, move furniture, and otherwise begin to make changes to their environment.  This is biology telling her to get things ready for the baby.  Rather than fighting these urges or getting frustrated with the changes, get involved and ask how you can help with the nesting process.

#9:  Keep the Car Parked on a Level Surface (and Warm it Up for Her).  If you have a slope to your driveway, park the car in a fashion that reduces the risk of falling or slipping, especially during icy or snowy conditions.  While you're monitoring car care, run out and start it a few minutes before she has to get in, too.  Chivalry ranks above saving the planet by the 3rd trimester.

#8:  Ask How She's Feeling.  It's hard for the other person to truly understand the full extent of the physical changes occurring during a pregnancy.  Stay engaged and make sure to ask your partner how she's feeling.  It's important for her to know that a) you're interested and b) that you care.

#7:  Make Dinner. As the pregnancy develops, the motivation and ability to move around the kitchen may diminish.  Keep your partner happy and healthy with surprise meal preparations that are good for her and the baby.  

#6:  Say I Love You.  Saying these three simple words allows your partner to know that she's not alone during a sometimes scary, bodily transformation.

#5:  Talk to the Baby. By the second trimester, the baby can hear you.  Ask your partner if you can read to the baby or even talk to her belly during bedtime.  Cuddle up at night and pick a story that will keep all three of you interested.

#4:  Start a Pre-Birth Journal.  Suggest to your wife or partner the idea of keeping a "Daddy" or "Soon-to-be-Parents" Journal.  This can be something as simple as a notebook in which you keep daily thoughts on world events, life, and/or the conversations you are having together leading up to the birth of your child.  It'll be a piece of you that your teenage son or daughter can read one day.  For those more inclined to start a blog, parents-to-be can also use the free blogging tools at to create a profile that will archive their stories online.

#3:  Help Her Feel Sexy. For some women, the last thing on their minds during pregnancy is sex.  For others, their drive becomes stronger.  No matter the situation, continue letting your partner know how sexy she is.  This can be accomplished with something romantic like a candle lit backrub in front of the fireplace, or as simple as a surprise greeting card with a personalized inscription.

#2:  Talk Money.  Don't wait until the baby arrives to share breaking news on your finances or the fact that you can't afford the crib you both have been talking about for four months.  Sit down before the baby is due and look at your budget together.  Talk openly about the economic changes and opportunities a baby will bring.  Make it a positive conversation...not something scary or negative.  Talking money isn't about adding stress, it's about taking it away and being prepared financially.  Websites like can help with these conversations, or completing  the New Year financial planning and goal setting work sheet found on

#1:  Vacuum. Yes.  Vacuum.  Better yet, vacuum AND dust.  Believe it or not, it's often the little things that count the most during this time, especially when you're cooped up inside during the winter months.  If you happen to already vacuum, then pick up a chore that she typically does (laundry anyone?) no matter how much you hate it.

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