Star Career Academy Graduate Follows His Heart to the Kitchen

Jul 23, 2012, 09:15 ET from Star Career Academy

PHILADELPHIA, July 23, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- When Subodh Nair was working in international marketing, he always had a passion for cooking.  Despite achieving great success for two decades in brand and marketing management, there was a nagging little voice inside his head telling him to follow his heart.

With both a bachelor's degree in biology and post-graduate in marketing and advertising management, Nair knows the importance of education.  So when that little voice could no longer be ignored, Nair enrolled in the culinary program at Star Career Academy in Philadelphia. 

"The best decision I took in my career change was to enroll at Star Career Academy," said Nair.  "The dedication of the faculty in the program under the guidance of our Culinary Chair built immense confidence in me to face the challenges in the real world."

Nair is currently a sous chef with a fine dining service provider in Philadelphia.  He has developed a new Asian menu to complement the existing menu covering international cuisine offered at the facility.

Nair cites Culinary Chair Chef Francesco Martorella as having the most impact on his educational experience at Star Career Academy.

"Chef Martorella was not only my teacher but a friend and mentor was solely responsible for my decision to join Star Career Academy," said Nair.  "His passion for cooking, dedication to the finest details, creating a challenging environment in the kitchen, open to innovative ideas and concepts, practical approach to day-to-day issues in a kitchen helped me think independently and further explore my knowledge into world cuisine with an open mind."

Nair said it is never too late to make a move for something that makes you happy.

"Food is one of the strongest mediums that brings people of the world together and helps us explore our diverse cultures," he said.  "I finally decided to make a career move in 2009 to follow my passion for cooking, which was the best decision I took in my life and I regret that I did not do so earlier. It is never too late to follow your dreams and still be successful."

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