Stars' Engagement Rings Shape Trends, Says King of Jewelry in Los Angeles

Emerald cut and custom designed diamond rings likely to surge after recent celebrity engagements.

Aug 03, 2012, 21:39 ET from King of Jewelry

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 3 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- In our media-saturated age, every aspect of a celebrity's life can get on the news page. Engagements are no different; the press eats it up when stars show up with diamond engagement rings on their hands. These rings not only make the headlines; they end up setting trends. Future fiances flock to jewelry stores to find similar rings to ones that they've seen their partners fawn over. It takes a talented and experienced jeweler, however, to bridge the gap between simple emulation and giving a diamond engagement ring a personal touch. This is why, above many other jewelry stores in Los Angeles, shoppers come to King of Jewelry for their engagement rings. Housed in the Los Angeles Diamond District, King of Jewelry benefits from being in the midst of a vibrant fashion community. Being in touch with manufacturers, importers, and designers allows King of Jewelry to know what's in vogue and, with over 20 years of experience, King of Jewelry also understands what looks will be timeless.

Celebrity engagements have shaped engagement trends, in style and in color. Halo diamond engagement rings have been incredibly popular due to a constant trend of stars rocking them on runways. Mariah Carey's engagement ring surrounded by beautiful pink diamonds, Natalie Portman's custom-designed white round cut diamond ring, and the enduring sapphire and diamond ring worn by Kate Middleton are all in the halo style. King of Jewelry stands by this trend, offering many halo diamond engagement rings and bridal sets to suit any future bride's personality. From gorgeous asscher cut diamonds to princess cut diamonds, King of Jewelry sets the most beautiful gems in halo bands.

Similarly, celebrities set trends when they opt for colorful diamonds. Remember Carrie Underwood's impeccable round brilliant canary diamond ring? Her engagement ring brought canary diamonds to the forefront of engagement ring style, which was great for many women who weren't feeling content with white diamonds. Famous men have also been flaunting men's diamond wedding rings, opening the door for regular guys who want a little elegance in their daily life.

Recent engagements have also put custom-made diamond wedding rings and engagement rings in the spotlight. Kanye West is reportedly shopping for an engagement ring, though with one twist; he wants to use pieces from his mother's jewelry collection to make it. Incorporating a piece of jewelry with sentimental value is a great way to personalize an engagement ring.

Nonetheless, custom-made diamond engagement rings don't require an older piece; they can be designed from scratch. For example, Justin Timberlake recently proposed to Jessica Biel with a ring he completely designed. Using a square cushion cut, this diamond ring is flanked by diamonds in a style evocative of the art deco style. Biel has gone on the record stating that she's incredibly pleased with both the diamond and Timberlake's design skills. Your engagement could be just as spectacular with King of Jewelry. Visit to start realizing your dream engagement ring.

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