State-by-State Obamacare Enrollment Extension Summary

Extensions Summarized with End-Dates & Qualifications

Apr 01, 2014, 09:00 ET from HealthPocket

SUNNYVALE, Calif., April 1, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- March 31st marked the officially scheduled end of the first Open Enrollment Period for the Affordable Care Act. However, across the country, states have a variety of enrollment extensions with differing deadlines. Additionally, the qualifications regarding which residents qualify for an extension are not uniform among the states.  

To ensure the public has up-to-date information on enrollment extensions, HealthPocket has summarized the enrollment period extensions by state including:

  • Date of each extension period's last day for enrollment
  • Any special qualifications that must be satisfied in order to qualify for an enrollment period extension

Consumers can visit to review the current summary of Obamacare enrollment period extensions. HealthPocket will continue to monitor state announcement's regarding enrollment period extensions and update this summary as needed.

Uninsured adults who fail to enroll during the Open Enrollment Period face the prospect of a tax penalty from the government. In 2014, the uninsured penalty is the greater of 1% of adjusted houehold annual income or $95.

"Enrollment extensions differ by state creating considerable confusion for consumers," said Bruce Telkamp, CEO of HealthPocket, "HealthPocket consolidated this extension information in one place so consumers can find the information they need as well as any special conditions that must be satisfied in order to qualify for an extension." is a free website that compares and ranks all health insurance plans available to an individual, family, or small business to allow consumers to make their best health plan decision and reduce their out of pocket costs. HealthPocket uses only objective data from government, non-profit, and private sources that carry no conditions that might restrict the site from serving as an unbiased resource. Learn more at

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