States United To Prevent Gun Violence Action Fund, Inc. And Newtown Action Alliance Aim To Give Voice To Victims Of Gun Violence With #GhostVote And Takeover Washington D.C. On Super Tuesday

#GhostVote is a Movement to Increase Awareness of Common-Sense Gun Laws and to Encourage Voters to Declare their #GhostVote on Behalf of Those Lost to Gun Violence

Mar 15, 2016, 14:47 ET from States United to Prevent Gun Violence

NEW YORK, March 15, 2016 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Gun violence is a problem in America that can't be ignored. National grassroots gun violence prevention organizations States United to Prevent Gun Violence Action Fund, Inc. (SUPGVAF) and the Newtown Action Alliance (NAA) want to encourage voters to give victims of gun violence a voice and declare that they'll be casting a vote in their honor. They're calling the campaign the #GhostVote. The aim of the new campaign is to put Common-Sense Gun Laws at the top of the agenda leading up to the elections. 

On March 15th, ahead of the third Super Tuesday of the 2016 Campaign, body outlines featuring a #GhostVote ballot appeared overnight in a takeover of the nation's capital as a symbolic gesture to give a voice to those silenced by gun violence.

The movement includes where supporters are encouraged to declare that they are "Ghost Voters" in honor of those affected by gun violence. After pledging to use their voice on behalf of those who no longer can, visitors to the site will be able to update their social media profile pictures with a specially designed image, becoming a demographic that can't be overlooked. The website also features a video, stories and images submitted by families who have lost loved ones to gun violence, with new stories being added each day to help build awareness and give others the opportunity to lend a voice to advance legislation. The Ghost Vote video, narrated by actress Kathryn Erbe, known for her role as Det. Alexandra Eames on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, informs supporters how to lend their voice to the cause and can be viewed here:

"With over 30,000 lives lost to gun violence each year and 70,000 more shot and injured, we believe it's time to give those people a voice and encourage Capitol Hill to pass the necessary bills to increase Common-Sense Gun Laws to save lives," says Julia Wyman, Executive Director of States United To Prevent Gun Violence Action Fund, Inc. "Our goal with #GhostVote is to showcase the need for laws that support gun violence prevention and give a voice to those who cannot speak on their own behalf."

Photos from the social action campaign in Washington D.C. can be viewed here:

Using the platform of #GhostVote, visitors will be given the opportunity to contact their local legislators whose voices count on Capitol Hill. The website will also allow visitors to sign the Common-Sense Gun Laws petition that will put additional pressure on legislators.

"We need more voters to honor victims of gun violence with action to end this national epidemic," states Po Murray, Chairwoman of the Newtown Action Alliance. "We know firsthand that gun violence is a public health issue that can no longer be ignored."

As President Barack Obama said, "All of us need to demand leaders brave enough to stand up to the gun lobby's lies. All of us need to stand up and protect our fellow citizens. All of us need to demand that governors, mayors and our representatives in Congress do their part."

About States United to Prevent Gun Violence Action Fund, Inc.: States United to Prevent Gun Violence Action Fund, Inc. is a grassroots organization formed to promote Common-Sense Gun Laws to keep Americans safe. Find out more about States United at:

About The Newtown Action Alliance: The Newtown Action Alliance is a grassroots organization formed after the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It works to make America's children, families, and all citizens safer through legislative and cultural change that will reduce gun violence. Find out more about the Newtown Action Alliance at:

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States United To Prevent Gun Violence Action Fund, Inc.

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