StatiCap Announces Launch of Revolutionary Stationary Wheel Center Cap at SEMA 2012

Patented technology enables drivers to prominently display luxury vehicle logos or design of choice in an upright position, at any speed

Oct 30, 2012, 09:00 ET from StatiCap

LAS VEGAS, Oct. 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- StatiCap, developer of high-end vehicle accessories, today announced its eponymous StatiCap center cap for alloy wheels, which enables drivers to prominently display their vehicle logo or graphic of choice on the vehicle's wheel center cap, upright and static, whether the vehicle is parked or racing down a highway. Through its easy to use, quick to install technology, StatiCap offers drivers a simple and unique method of achieving the ultimate in automotive personalization and self-expression.

StatiCap operates on simple principles of physics and mechanics that keep the wheel center cap in a fixed position, regardless of the speed the wheels are rotating. This simplicity makes StatiCap far more effective than other technologies, such as non-rotating rims.

"Part of the value of owning a luxury car is that it serves as a sign of success," said StatiCap founder and CEO Mazen Salah. "When the physical sign of that achievement -- the vehicle's logo -- is blurred or improperly oriented on the wheel, the message the owner is attempting to communicate becomes blurred as well. StatiCap ensures that the logo is always viewed in the way it was designed to be seen, no matter the speed the driver is traveling."

Announced today at the SEMA Show 2012 in Las Vegas, StatiCap is easy for owners to install in just seconds. Customers will receive a specially designed tool enclosed along with the set of four StatiCaps, allowing them to easily and safely remove the vehicle's existing center cap, and attach the StatiCap. Each StatiCap is designed with European craftsmanship, with its components produced in England, Italy and Spain. The cap carries a one-year warranty.

StatiCap will initially offer its product to owners of BMW vehicles, who can select from among more than two dozen logos, flags, sporting graphics and other images. Soon, StatiCap will extend its offering to luxury vehicles of additional automakers. StatiCap is also continuously pursuing additional technologies that can be offered to automotive enthusiasts and luxury connoisseurs who are seeking ways to set their prized vehicles apart from others on the road. 

"StatiCap is the answer to wheel center-cap rotation, logo invisibility and wheel uniformity," said Salah. "It is patented in the United States, the European Union and Gulf Cooperation Council nations and is trademarked in the U.S. StatiCap is the next generation of high-end vehicle accessories."

StatiCap will be available beginning in late October 2012. A set of four caps, including the removal tool, will be available for $300-$350 (U.S.) soon through the StatiCap website at

StatiCap will be located at booth #33241 at the SEMA Show 2012.

About StatiCap

StatiCap is a global company designing and producing high-end vehicle accessories that magnify the image of both the car and its owner. CEO Mazen Salah founded StatiCap in 2010 to manufacture and sell his invention, a unique center cap for alloy wheels that does not rotate with the wheel, thereby keeping the wheel's logo or other graphics stationary, regardless of wheel spin and vehicle speed, enabling drivers to easily achieve the ultimate in vehicle personalization and self-expression. The product is patented in the United States, European Union and Gulf Cooperation Council nations. StatiCap is designed with European craftsmanship in England, Italy and Spain, with the highest levels of quality control applied throughout its design and production process. StatiCap offers an unmatched collection of designs to satisfy the diverse tastes of car fanatics, sports enthusiasts and luxury connoisseurs across the globe.