StatSheet Launches StatSmack for College Basketball

Mar 16, 2011, 10:25 ET from StatSheet

DURHAM, N.C., March 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Just in time for the biggest event of the college basketball season, StatSheet announced today the launch of the next generation of trash talking. StatSheet's new "StatSmack" application serves up the empirical proof you need to convince your friends that if they're not with you, then they're cheering for an inferior program. Fans can reach StatSmack directly at, from the StatSheet homepage at or from any of the team sites in the StatSheet network.

StatSheet programmers have been busy loading both on-court and off-court data into their proprietary database of over a billion statistics. And now with StatSmack, the everyday fan can easily access all that data. StatSmack automatically highlights your team's strengths versus those of others. Users simply select their favorite team from a drop-down box and select another team to "smack," then it's game on.

StatSmack analyzes StatSheet's database to find the key areas where your school excels. Whether it's head-to-head record over 30 years, NCAA tournament wins, winning percentage in close games or even who has a better graduation rate or taller players -- the comparisons don't stop.  However, in the spirit of fair play, it is easy for your friend to turn the tables on you, as the StatSmack database plays no favorites. The StatSmack application also makes it simple to share your "smacks" via Facebook®, Twitter® or e-mail.

"As diehard sports fans, we wanted to elevate the art of trash talking among friends by giving everyone easy access to the data they need to make their case.  And if they don't know how to make their case, our software will do it for them," states StatSheet Founder and CEO Robbie Allen. "Here at StatSheet we have members of our management team from both Duke and UNC, so we know a thing or two about trash talking."

"StatSmack turns the March ritual of searching for the right stats to make a case for your team into a science—with only a couple clicks of a mouse, we do all the work for you," says StatSheet COO Scott Frederick. "We aim to arm trash talkers everywhere with the statistical data they need to empirically show that their respective teams are better than any other on the planet—at least at something."

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