Stauer Celebrates The Time Of The Season With An Exclusive Line Of Historic Coin Wristwatches

Dec 11, 2012, 11:12 ET from Stauer

RICHMOND, Va., Dec. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- When it comes to holiday gift giving, the watch designers at Stauer demonstrate that time is money... literally.

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Working from caches of important rare and historical coins, Stauer has designed and created an exclusive series of timepieces that utilize genuine coins as their face. The combination seemed inevitable since Stauer is exclusively partnered with GovMint and The New York Mint, two of the most respected collectible coin companies in the world.

Every watch is unique. Since the coins used were once circulated currency, each bears the marks of a coin that witnessed history­ firsthand--whether that history was life in Ancient Rome, America during the revolution or downtown Chicago during Prohibition.

"We love stories at Stauer and every one of these watches has a story," said Stauer President Michael Bisceglia. "These very coins were once used as legal tender. It's fascinating to think about where these coins have been and who has used them. We use coins that may have been handled by Roman gladiators and we have silver dollars from the days of General George Washington."

While these watches contain pieces of prized relics from the past, they are fully functioning timepieces that utilize the most modern and precise quartz movements on the market. These watches are entirely dependent on the supply of rare coins obtained by Stauer's partners. But that rarity and limited production is exactly what attracts serious collectors. It also adds a level of exclusivity to every coin watch that you just won't find in a typical timepiece.

Among Stauer's most popular coin watches are the Stauer Executive Half-Dollar Watch ($149.00), the Walking Liberty Coin Watch ($299.00), the Morgan Silver Dollar Watch ($199.00), the Genuine 4th Century Roman Coin Watch ($199.00) and the Stauer 1783 Silver Dollar Watch ($295.00).

Founded in 2005, Stauer is one of the largest direct retailers of jewelry, watches and accessories in the United States with annualized sales over $200 million. To see these Stauer pieces and more, please visit


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