SteakMeister, Inc. Launches Kickstarter to Bring Steakhouse Quality Steaks to Your Backyard

The new SteakMeister™ grill is the first of its kind in innovation and design, heating up to 1,500 Degrees F in order to cook the perfect steak right at home. The company is launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funding for production.

Nov 20, 2015, 09:00 ET from SteakMeister

MIDDLETOWN, R.I., Nov. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SteakMeister, Inc. a New England based startup, is launching a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign to raise at least $86,000 to bring the company's innovative new grill to the consumer. In order to cook the perfect steak, temperatures of a grill must reach up to 1,500 degrees F, once only reserved for professional kitchens; SteakMeister™ seeks to bring this technology into your backyard.

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After a satisfying dinner at a steakhouse one night, German innovators Sebastian Ewerszumrode and Altan Ozturan, began their search for a grill that could achieve restaurant quality that was both affordable and accessible for the home environment. The grill they were searching for had to reach very high temperatures to properly sear the steaks.

In their research, they found the options available for high temperature grills were mostly manufactured for professional grade kitchens. The grills were either very expensive, starting at a price close to $3,000 or were too large in size for home accessibility. Unsuccessful in their search, Ewerszumrode and Ozturan discovered that there isn't a grill that could reach the temperatures needed for steakhouse quality built for the consumer market.

The only energy source reaching temperatures of 1,500 degrees F and higher were infrared burners running with gas. In order to create a homecentric grill, they discovered that they needed to develop a safe and functional housing unit that can withstand a very high heat source. After many trials and errors, the first proprietary design for the SteakMeister™ grill was developed.

"In our search, we clearly identified a lack for such a grill in the outdoor grill market but we knew the demand for such a product was there," says Ozturan. "Our goal was to combine high temperature grilling, reaching 1,500 degrees F and even higher, and the convenience of a home appliance at a reasonable price. We achieved that with this new SteakMeister™ grill and now need to raise enough capital through the Kickstarter campaign to bring the product to market."

The company launched a crowdfunding campaign on Wednesday, November 18 and with the campaign is hoping to bring their concept to the public. Ewerszumrode and Ozturan have produced a YouTube video of the SteakMeister™ grill in action.

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SteakMeister Inc. is a startup based in New England, producing and selling high-end gas grills and accessories. The company has created a new innovative grill that heats up to 1,500 degrees F in order to cook the perfect steak at home. SteakMeister, Inc. is launching a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign to raise at least $86,000 to bring the company's new grill to the marketplace.

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