SteamLite Declares Special Offers to Reward its Loyal E-Cig Customers This Christmas

Dec 12, 2012, 08:24 ET from SteamLite

LONDON, December 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Announces up to 25% OFF this Christmas on SteamLite Electronic Cigarette Website to say Thank You!

To say thank you to loyal long-term customers Steamlite have introduced 25% off on all orders placed during this month. Steamlite has always been known for its quality products at affordable prices amongst buyers. Steamlite kits are sold nearly half the price of some other giants in the industry with none or little difference in the packaging, but quality has never been compromised. The 25% off have put the prices even cheaper for customers who want to get the product to gift it to a friend or relative. Get your discounts on

Electronic cigarettes have become one of the best Christmas gifts in the last 3-4 years. E-cigs have lots of advantages over normal, traditional cigarettes and it's a little difficult to predict but E-cigarette companies are looking at a future which will put the normal tobacco items out of the market. SteamLite have seen thousands of smokers switch to the Steamlite product and never gone back to traditional items. This is a gentle way for SteamLite to say thank you very much to the customers who have put their trust in the company and its products.

Also, SteamLite have just introduced new rechargeable E-cigars which give nearly 800-900 puffs per cartomizer, which is around 60-70 normal cigarettes. This new E-cigar kit will cost around £19.99 but comes with one 1200 mAh rechargeable battery and three added cartomizers with gold cigar flavor in the box. The E-cigar just looks and feels like a normal cigar but works around 70% cheaper than real ones. SteamLite have decided to give away 500 units free of charge to their long-term loyal customers this year as Christmas gifts; to check the product click here.

SteamLite is one of the fastest-growing E-cigarette companies worldwide. Steamlite operates in the United Kingdom, USA, most European countries, India and some other Asian countries as well. This Christmas SteamLite wants to say thank you to all loyal customers by giving a 25% discount on all orders placed during the month. E-cig is one of the best Christmas gifts for relatives and friends who are looking for an alternative to traditional cigarettes. SteamLite have introduced the new E-cigar as a Christmas gift and are giving away nearly 500 units to long-term customers. Check SteamLite product YouTube video here.

SteamLite is a well-known name among the E-cig community. Started from a small room, now it is operating in more than 12 different nations including United Kingdom, Ireland, most of Europe, United States and some Asian countries including India. SteamLite is growing very fast and also retaining long-term customers.


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