Stem Cell Assurance Announces a Financing and Marketing Partnership With MDwerks

Jan 21, 2010, 09:30 ET from Stem Cell Assurance, Inc.

BOCA RATON, Fla., Jan. 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Stem Cell Assurance, Inc. (PK: SCLZ) and MDwerks, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: MDWK)  announced today a financing and marketing partnership today wherein MDwerks, through it's Xeni Finance subsidiary, has provided the first tranche of financing to Stem Cell for the purchase of various medical devices from Cytori Therapeutics, Inc. In addition, MDwerks, through its subsidiary Digital Pen Applications, Inc. (DPA), will assist in marketing Stem Cell products and services to the health care and medical community initially in Florida. Stem Cell also has expansion plans for New York, New Jersey, Texas and California.

Stem Cell is a science based adult stem cell company that provides private stem cell collection, storage, treatment and preservation services. Storage (banking) preserves the age of stem cells and, therefore their potency and allows the individual to preserve their stem cells when they are healthy and later have access to them when needed. This also allows the patient's doctor to access the stem cells on multiple occasions if needed for more than one treatment. The regenerative cell technique promotes tissue survival, graft retention, and increased volume, making it more effective than traditional procedures. The use of the regenerative cells in the graft enables transplanted fat to successfully integrate with the surrounding tissue much better than with previous methods.

DPA also specializes in the sale, leasing and maintenance of digital pens, related software and management systems that will create Electronic Medical Records (EMR's) and provides cost-effective data entry solutions using the digital pen process to eliminate the effort and expense of re-entering information already written on existing business documents. The Digital Pen Process can be easily customized and integrated into almost any IT system and automates the conversion of handwritten information into electronic data, resulting in immediate automated full image capture, time stamped point-of-service records and electronic image storage and retrieval that will satisfy legal and regulatory document retention requirements.

DPA can supply solutions for almost any business field that relies heavily on handwritten forms including nursing homes, transportation, long-term care facilities, ambulance services, shipping and warehousing.


Richard Proodian, CFO

David M. Barnes, CEO

Stem Cell Assurance, Inc.

MDwerks, Inc.



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