StemCyte - An Industry Leader Introduces Dual Cord Blood Processing Capabilities

New Partnership with Biosafe Announced

Jun 29, 2011, 12:23 ET from StemCyte, Inc.

COVINA, Calif., June 29, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- California-based StemCyte, Inc. continues its innovative leadership in cord blood banking and cell therapies with the announcement of Dual Processing Capabilities using the Sepax automation system from Biosafe, a world leader in stem cell processing. StemCyte will begin enhancing its cord blood product inventory by processing and banking UCB product via both its "plasma depletion" method as well as the "red cell reduction" method. This added capability ensures that StemCyte is able to meet the current and future needs and preferences of its customers.

"By utilizing the Biosafe processing system, StemCyte enhances its longstanding commitment to produce superior and extensive cell options for transplant and future potential cellular therapies," said Kenneth Giacin, StemCyte's Chairman and CEO. "Supplying product from inventories built using both processes will uniquely qualify StemCyte to meet the preference of the transplant center and better position StemCyte for future therapies that may be better matched with a cord blood inventory comprised of both plasma depletion and red cell reduction products.  Advances in cellular therapy and stem cell research are occurring at an incredible pace, and we must listen to and support the needs of our current and future customers."  

According to Dr. Robert Chow and Dr. Larry Petz, "Having both inventories will allow StemCyte a unique opportunity to produce comparative studies, and while hundreds of transplant centers around the world consistently appreciate the unequaled cell dose of, and in turn the clinical outcomes afforded by, higher cell dose of plasma depleted cord blood, some centers prefer the lower volume of a red cell reduced product."

Validation of StemCyte's red cell reduction process using Sepax is complete, and StemCyte will initiate this capability on July 1st.  StemCyte's plasma depletion method of CBU processing using Sepax technology is in the final validation phase as well.

Olivier Waridel, Vice President Biosafe America, commented, "As an innovative company ourselves, we are delighted to partner with a leading player such as StemCyte on a long term strategic basis. We are excited by the opportunity to tailor our Sepax processing platform to meet StemCyte's unique dual CBU processing method."

About StemCyte, Inc.

Located in the US, India and Taiwan, StemCyte has established one of the largest, most racially diverse, and highest quality cord blood stem cell banks in the world.  StemCyte has supplied over 1,400 cord blood products treating over 70 life-threatening diseases to more than 250 leading

World wide transplant centers.  StemCyte is actively involved in the development of new umbilical cord blood-based cell therapies.  The Company supports the largest clinical study for using unrelated cord blood transplantation for thalassemia, one of the most common genetic diseases in the world, and the development of trials investigating regenerative spinal cord therapies.  StemCyte is one of the only for-profit companies contracted by the US Department of HHS to contribute clinical grade cord blood units to the public National Cord Blood Inventory for unrelated transplants.  Its headquarters for North America are located in Covina, Ca and its global corporate offices in Ewing, NJ.  To learn more visit

About Biosafe

Biosafe Group, represented in North America by its fully-owned Houston-based subsidiary Biosafe America Inc., is a privately-held Swiss group engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of automated cell processing systems. With a leading presence in over 40 markets worldwide, Biosafe offers state-of-the-art processing solutions in key medical markets such as adult stem cell banking, adult stem cell transplantation and regenerative medicine.

Biosafe America is located in Houston, TX and to learn more visit

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