Steve Teig Named Finalist for Prestigious 2011 World Technology Award

Teig, Founder & CTO of Tabula Recognized for Visionary Contribution to Science and Technology

Winner to be announced October 26th at the United Nations headquarters

Sep 14, 2011, 15:41 ET from World Technology Network

NEW YORK, Sept. 14, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The World Technology Network ("The WTN," announced today that Steve Teig has been named a finalist for a prestigious World Technology Award in the IT-Hardware category, presented by the WTN in association with TIME magazine, Fortune magazine, CNN, Science/AAAS, and MIT's Technology Review.  Mr. Teig joins a roster of organizations and individuals from over 60 countries around the world deemed to be doing the most innovative and impactful work.

The World Technology Awards have been presented by the WTN since 2000, as a way to honor those in 20 different categories of science and technology and related fields doing innovative work of the greatest likely long-term significance.  Nominees for the 2011 World Technology Awards were selected by the WTN Fellows through an intensive, global process lasting many months.  Winners will be selected from among the finalists with the input of a select group of prominent Advisors.

The Advisors for 2011 are:

Ray Kurzweil, inventor/futurist/author

Albert Teich, Director, Science and Policy Programs, American Association for the Advancement of Science/AAAS (retired, 2011)

Jason Pontin, Editor/Publisher, Technology Review

Lev Grossman, Senior Writer and book critic, TIME; co-author blog "Techland"

Oliver Morton (pending), Energy & Environment Editor, The Economist; former Chief News and Features Editor, Nature; Former editor, WIRED (UK edition).

"I am delighted to have been nominated in the IT-Hardware category of the 2011 World Technology Awards," said Steve Teig, Tabula's President and CTO.  "It is wonderful to be recognized by such an esteemed group of one's peers. The WTN and its members – those creating the 21st century – are focused on exploring what is imminent, possible, and important in and around emerging technologies, and it is a great honor to be included for such a prestigious award."

The winners of the World Technology Awards will be announced during a ceremony at the United Nations on the evening of October 26th at the close of the World Technology Summit, a two-day "thought leadership" conference (Oct. 25/26) held at the TIME & LIFE Building.  

"This year we are more eager than ever to pay tribute to the talent and innovation of our individual and corporate honorees." says James P. Clark, Founder and Chairman of the World Technology Network.   "Through the peer-nomination and peer-review process, we uncover the best of the best of the best in science and technology. We discover whose work is going to have the greatest likely impact over time. The World Technology Awards give a snapshot of the amazing science and technology revolutions in process."   Clark adds  "The World Technology Awards program is not only a very inspiring way to identify and honor the most innovative people and organizations in the technology world, but it also is a truly disciplined way for the WTN membership to identify those who will formally join them, as individual WTN Fellows or Corporate Members, as part of our global community. By working to make useful connections among our members, we look forward to assisting Mr. Steve Teig in continuing to help create our collective future and change our world."

About Steve Teig, Founder and CTO of Tabula

Prior to co-founding Tabula, Steve Teig was CTO of Cadence Design Systems (NSDQ:CDNS). Steve joined Cadence through its acquisition of Simplex Solutions, where he was also CTO. At Simplex, Steve invented and led the technology development for the X Architecture, which radically improves chip design by pervasively incorporating diagonal wiring.  Before joining Simplex, Steve co-founded two successful biotechnology companies: CombiChem (later acquired by DuPont Pharmaceuticals), where he was CTO, and BioCAD, where he was CTO and, later, CEO. At CombiChem, Steve invented and led the development of the company's revolutionary Discovery Engine technology, with which CombiChem discovered pharmaceutical-lead compounds for 11 different therapeutic areas in only five years. At BioCAD, Steve designed Catalyst: market-leading software for pharmaceutical discovery. In the 1980s, Steve spent several years in the EDA industry, where his work had a major impact still felt today. First, at Trilogy Systems, he invented the now-universal technique of compiled-code logic simulation. Then, as CTO and co-founder of Tangent Systems (which later became Cadence's very first acquisition), he invented the principal place-and-route algorithms for the Tancell and Tangate products. These techniques formed the core of Cadence's Gate Ensemble, Cell-3 Ensemble, and Silicon Ensemble systems and lay many of the foundations for the physical design of even today's chips.  Steve received a B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University. He holds over 240 patents. In 2002, he broke Thomas Edison's record for the number of patents filed by an individual in a single year.

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