StockCall Scans BlackBerry and Vonage: Diversified Communication Services Stocks to Make a Turnaround

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Smartphones and tablets proved to be the biggest disrupting factor in the tech industry. Emergence of smartphones and consequent mobile computing changed the fortunes of even the biggest names in the industry. Among the most affected companies was BlackBerry (NASDAQ: BBRY) or erstwhile Research in Motion. The company saw steep decline in its products after the emergence of iPhone. However, the company is now looking to make a comeback with its new devices. On the other hand, Vonage Holdings Corporation (NYSE: VG), is struggling to move its stock price up. StockCall has taken an interest in these companies and you can now sign up to download the free technical research on BlackBerry and Vonage at  

Vonage to Report Quarterly Results

Vonage Holdings stock lost 6 percent of its value in past 12 months. It also saw some insider selling, which is generally a negative sign for any stock. Its director, Jeffrey Citron sold 100,000 shares at the rate of $2.45 apiece. The company also faces dire situation of declining revenue. It also is experiencing exodus of its talent as its CFO stepped down late last year. However, the company is still a name to reckon with in communication services segment. Vonage Holdings is also working to ramp up its R&D efforts and received three new patents. The company is scheduled to announce its quarterly earnings on February 13 and is expected to report its EPS at 7 cents per share. The company is likely to make mild up move in view of its results. Sign up today to read the free research report on Vonage at

BlackBerry Making a Comeback

BlackBerry is in the market in its new avatar and with new products in tow. While the stock spent the entire 2012 scaling new lows, it has delivered astounding 40 percent upside in the past one month. However, the company is not completely out of the woods as yet. Its future is securely tied to the performance of its new BB10 devices. The company changed its name to emphasize its new direction but it would need more substantial performance to keep up the momentum. Register to download the free technical analysis on BlackBerry at

The company reported encouraging sales volume for its new launched Z10 handset. The phones seem to be doing well in the UK and Canada, which are the core markets for BlackBerry. However, in order to be truly successful, the company would need to conquer the U.S. market as well. However, for that we will have to wait till mid-March. The U.S. market will prove to be the true test for BB10 devices.

While the company may rejoice in the performance of Z10, it should also keep in view the circumstances leading up to their launch. The launch of itsBB10 devices was rescheduled multiple times, pointing to internal inefficiencies. If BlackBerry wants to survive longer in a cut throat sector, it needs to sort out its execution issues. Under the leadership of its new CEO, the company is expected to mend its ways and is also expected to make a comeback in the highly competitive mobile market.

BlackBerry has come a long way from its heydays. While its time of being the undisputed leader in enterprise market is over, the company is now looking to capture consumer market. The company will have to be really nimble to survive in the ever-changing landscape of smartphone market. However, investors should still be cautious of making any long-term commitment to BlackBerry shares.

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