StockTwits and Ditto Trade Announce Agreement

New premium profile identifies StockTwits members who offer trading or alerts services through Ditto Trade; followers can now attach to the actual trades of more experienced StockTwits traders

May 13, 2013, 11:26 ET from Ditto Trade

CHICAGO and CORONADO, Calif., May 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Ditto Trade, the only online broker to allow individuals to participate in the actual trades of experienced investors, and StockTwits, the leading online communications platform for the financial and investing community, today announced the launch of a new Premium Ditto Profile.

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Members of the StockTwits community who offer their trading or alerts services through Ditto Trade will be identifiable to followers on StockTwits via the new profile, thereby allowing StockTwits members the ability to monetize their social capital.

Utilizing Ditto Trade's platform, StockTwits members can elect to attach to the actual trades of those they follow who are identified by the Ditto profile.

StockTwits members stream ideas, links, charts and other important financial data. Investors interested in stocks and markets can easily follow individual stocks or specific contributors on as well as view StockTwits streams across dozens of financial sites and applications that integrate StockTwits content and functionality.

Ditto Trade's proprietary cutting-edge technology enables investors to participate in the actual trades of more experienced investors (Lead Traders), or receive tradable mobile alerts from signal providers or investment newsletters (Alerts Services).  This is all done in their own individual accounts and according to personalized trade parameters.

"Our agreement with StockTwits is consistent with our vision to provide individual investors unprecedented access to actionable ideas from experienced traders and investors and the ability to efficiently act on them in real-time," said Paul M. Simons, CEO of Ditto Trade.

"Working with Ditto Trade to offer this profile is another way we provide value to the most active, engaged members of our community," said Howard Lindzon, co-founder and CEO of StockTwits. "Ditto Trade has an innovative model which allows individuals to trade alongside experienced traders, investors and alert services; these new profiles will highlight for our members those they follow who use the Ditto Trade platform."

Added Simons, "Working with StockTwits is a natural outgrowth of Ditto Trade's differentiated position as a monetization engine for content and communication platforms like StockTwits. Leveraging our unique model, experienced traders and established subscription services enable followers to more efficiently act on their ideas, and financial communities like StockTwits enhance the experience of their members."   

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About Ditto Trade

Ditto Trade is a premier social investing firm and the only online broker to allow individuals to participate in the actual trades of experienced investors, advisers, and other trusted relationships. Ditto Trade also enables individuals to execute trade signals from a newsletter or subscription service directly from their mobile device. With its real-time trade notification and actionable mobile alerts, Ditto's proprietary technology makes it the first company with a monetization engine for online financial and social media. Ditto Trade is frequently featured on leading business news networks and in financial publications.  Ditto Trade is a member of FINRA and SIPC and is a licensed broker-dealer in all 50 states.

About StockTwits

StockTwits is the leading communications platform for the financial community, and the creator of the $(TICKER) tag for identifying and following investing ideas and information across the web. StockTwits provides a specialized environment created specifically for investors, institutions, and market analysts where they can contribute, find and follow ideas about stocks, markets, trends, and more. In addition, StockTwits' integration with leading social networks and financial sites, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo Finance!, CNN Money and Reuters, allows users to reach the broadest audience of viewers.

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