STOP Consumer Trafficking's Jason Gaylord enters second week of 31 day vigil

Jul 13, 2015, 11:00 ET from STOP Consumer Trafficking

BOTHELL, Wash., July 13, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- STOP Consumer Trafficking's founder, Jason Gaylord, enters week two of his 31 day vigil to raise public awareness and lead the conversation about the constant and pervasive invasion of our online privacy and the selling of our personal identities as a standard business practice and revenue model of big Internet companies.

Gaylord is not alone in his vigil to STOP Consumer Trafficking. Shawn Tacey, CEO of Localloop, firmly believes that this insidious practice is harmful to consumers, business owners and local economies. Mr. Tacey was asked to discuss how consumer trafficking is detrimental to local commerce at a meeting for local business leaders at the Bothell Chamber of Commerce.

"The message we delivered to these business leaders is simple," said Tacey. "Commoditizing human beings and their behavior with constant pervasive ads and gimmicks that target their identities causes consumers to tune out and distrust, reducing all purchasing decisions to lowest price. Small businesses cannot compete at that level. Eventually, Big Internet companies that are highly capitalized with a long term strategy of losing money to outlast competitors will win, eliminating millions of small businesses and the jobs they create. Long term, this is bad for consumers and bad for our local economies."

Tacey added, "I was recently in New York City and saw a billboard on a bus for a new science fiction show on AMC called Mr. Robot that read, "Banks own your money, social media owns your relationships, corporations own your minds... Privacy is a myth."  When art mimics culture we are only seeing the foreshadow of how pervasive and vile consumer trafficking will become." Tacey concluded by stating, "Jason Gaylord is sacrificing a month of his life to bring awareness to this awful problem, and to advocate for a better Internet where people have the freedom of choice to protect their behaviors, searches, thoughts, relationships and privacy. If people become aware and open their eyes as to how they are being used and traded everyday, change will happen and the Internet will become a safe and ethical place to search and be social because people will demand it." 

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