Stop electronic hitchhiking, your safe ride home has arrived

zTrip announces fleet launch in Boulder -- providing the safety of a taxi with the ease of on-demand service

Feb 02, 2016, 11:30 ET from zTrip

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BOULDER, Colo., Feb. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- zTrip, a new innovative taxi service will launch with a fleet of 60 vehicles in the Boulder market today.  zTrip combines the trust and safety of a taxi service, with the ease and speed of an on-demand car service app, providing benefits not available from any other competing "Car Hailing" service in the area.

Boulder's residents and students now have a safe alternative to the questionable "electronic hitchhiking" trend that rideshare apps have created.

"Unlike our competitors, we aren't fighting background checks, we are embracing them," said Bill George, President of zTrip Boulder. "As a parent of college students I don't want my kids ever driving after they have been drinking. However, I am also very concerned about who might pull up to drive them home – zTrip provides the solution to put parents at ease, without sacrificing the 'rideshare experience' that students are accustomed to."

zTrip stands out from the competition, providing features like:

  • No surge pricing: The same low price every time, whether it's 2 p.m. or 2 a.m.
  • Professional and licensed drivers with full fingerprint background checks: You don't have to worry about who is driving you home
  • 24/7 live customer service: You can talk to a live support team member anytime
  • Boulder based and locally operated: You can support a local company without sacrificing cost or safety

"We are excited to introduce zTrip to the Boulder market. zTrip was designed to combine the best features of the new e-hailing transportation services, along with the safety and security of licensed and inspected taxicabs. We are committed to providing every traveler with a new level of personal transportation service," said George.

In March, zTrip will also launch an ADA option for a wheelchair taxi service at the same low price. "This is a real game changer for the disabled community in the Boulder area," said Jaime Lewis, Colorado Cross Disability Coalition (CCDC).  "This is the only 'ride app' that has been thoughtful enough to include the disabled in its service offering."

Additional features of zTrip include:

  • Hail on the street, by phone or with the zTrip app: You don't have to wait on the curb for a car to arrive
  • Book for now or later: You don't have to wait to make transportation arrangements until the last minute
  • Choose if you want to pay cash or credit card or through the app: No other service provides this flexibility.
  • Freedom to choose your favorite driver: Get reliable service the first time, and every time

To promote a safe ride home on Valentine's Day, and honor CU Boulder's 140th anniversary, zTrip will give away 140 free rides up to $25 in Boulder over the weekend (2/12/16 – 2/14/16). Whether you are a couple that had a little too much to drink, you are looking for a safe ride home after a less than comfortable (awkward) date or just looking for the safest transportation around town; zTrip is the solution for a safe ride home. 

About zTrip
zTrip is the latest service offering by Transdev On Demand, the largest on demand transportation provider in the United States. zTrip provides the safest and most cost effective ride with transparent pricing and professionally trained, licensed and insured drivers.

zTrip gives you the most control over your transportation with taxi or black car options, now or later pickups, cash or credit payments and phone or street hailing. Backed by over 25 years of experience, zTrip is committed to providing the safest rides. 

For more information, visit zTrip at

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