STR Announces Encapsulants That Substantially Increase Module Manufacturing Throughput and Cycle Time Reducing Cost/Watt

Jun 07, 2010, 08:00 ET from Specialized Technology Resources, Inc.

SOMERS, Conn.,  June 7 /PRNewswire/ -- In 1986, STR first introduced the "fast-cure" EVA-based encapsulant that substantially increased laminator throughput efficiency by approximately 75% compared to any "standard-cure" encapsulant.  Increasing the curing speed of EVA-based encapsulants is an integral part in lowering cost/watt. Significantly faster cure encapsulants allow PV module manufacturers to increase production capacity, improve throughput, and help drive-down overall module manufacturing costs, making their modules more competitive in the worldwide market.  Photocap® 15455P and Photocap® 15435P represent STR's latest mega fast-cure product for protecting PV modules.

The robust curing behavior of the Photocap 15455P and Photocap 15435P recorded curing rates that were more than double compared to the other fast-cure formulations at all temperatures. In real conditions, Photocap 15455 and Photocap 15435 encapsulants laminate in less than ten minutes and yield gel content values of greater than 80%. Laminator throughput increased by as much as 30% with the new encapsulants. STR utilizes identical manufacturing technology, globally, to ensure that modules made anywhere in the world are protected with analogous high quality standards and comply with all major certification requirements.

Photocap 15455 and 15435 comply with "STR Protected" high standards which are internal to STR. "STR Protected" means that STR employs the same identical manufacturing technology around the world to produce the highest performance encapsulant products designed to meet the standards of weathering and protecting module service life. "STR Protected" signifies much more than the average EVA encapsulant.....STR employs "User Friendly" (UF) low shrink technology which prevents the EVA encapsulants from shrinking during lamination. Shrinkage causes cell breakage, micro-cracks in the cell, and/or voids that decrease cell efficiency and electrical output. STR's "User Friendly" technology always provides the same no shrink characteristics for module manufacturers around the globe.

Photocap 15455 and Photocap 15435 provide the project owner the confidence that your project delivers the maximum return on investment that is expected. STR is setting a whole new set of quality standards for the photovoltaic industry; high throughput rates in module processing and long-term performance standards for every project performing outdoors. "STR Protected" has every angle covered, in every world market.

STR will be exhibiting at Intersolar North America 2010 in San Francisco's Moscone Center West Hall from July 13-15, booth number 9240.

SOURCE Specialized Technology Resources, Inc.