Strategic Analysis of the Indian Fuel Additive Market

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Strategic Analysis of the Indian Fuel Additive Market

Growing Automotive Sector and Regulations Increase Opportunities in the Market

This research service analyses the Indian market for fuel additives. The key additives used in each fuel type in India are analysed, along with trends such as the absence of retail sales of additives. Key market matrices for 2012, including demand and competitor analysis, are provided. Further, factors such as environmental regulations, which affect the usage of various additives, are discussed. The demand for various additives has been forecasted till 2017.

Executive Summary

• The Indian fuel additive market was estimated at $X million in 2012, and is expected to grow to $X million by 2017.
• Stringent emission norms and the low quality of crude oil are expected to drive the need for fuel additives in India, whereas alternative fuels such as fuel cells, bio-diesel, compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) are expected to restrain the growth of the market.
• Deposit control additives, antioxidants and cold flow improvers are expected to contribute more toward revenue growth due to the growing demand for diesel in various applications.
• More than X% of fuel additives supplied in India are petrol additives and the rest are diesel fuel additives.
• With the growing diesel passenger car market, the Indian Government is expected to encourage the use of bio-diesel to comply with global standards. This is expected to boost demand for lubricity improvers over the forecast period.

Key Product Factors

Changing Trends in the Market

The performance of the fuel additive depends on the effectiveness of its active ingredients. Innovation is vital in this highly competitive market, as it allows for product differentiation—a key competitive advantage.

Global demand for fuel additives is changing due to stringent environmental regulations enforced by various countries. The demand is increasing due to growing fuel demand, which is forcing refiners to use a variety of feedstock, including heavy and sour crude.

New Regions Driving Demand
There is strong demand from developing countries in Asia, such as China and India, as a result of rapid industrialization, the growing manufacturing landscape and increasing vehicle population.
Increase in fuel-refining capacities in the recent past and in the near future is changing the scenario of demand for fuel additives, as well as dyes and markers in the Middle East.

CEO's Perspective

1. The demand for petrol and diesel additives is expected to maintain moderate growth.
2. Deposit-control additives are the most commonly consumed fuel additive, because of the low-quality crude oil and strict environmental norms.
3. Afton Chemical Corporation, Innospec Inc., BASF and Dorf Ketal Chemicals dominateX% of the Indian fuel additive market.
4. Unlike in Western countries, there is negligible retail demand for fuel additives in India, where fuel additives are incorporated at the refinery level.

Market Definitions

Geographic Coverage: India
Study Period: 2012–2017
Base Year: 2012
Forecast Period: 2013–2017
Monetary Unit: US Dollars
Conversion Rate: $1 = X (2012 avg.)

This research service covers the market for additives used for all fuel applications.

Product Scope

Fuel additives include the following types:
• Automotive Fuel Additives
oPetrol Additives
oDiesel Additives
• Aviation Fuel Additives
• Industrial Fuel Additives

The additives include:
• Deposit Control
• Cetane Improvers
• Antioxidants
• Lubricity Improvers
• Cold Flow Improvers
• Corrosion Inhibitors
Other additives include dyes, markers, antifoams, biocides. Dehazers, stability improvers, metal deactivators, anti-icers, dehazers, spark improvers and lead replacers.

Key Questions This Study Will Answer

What are the major additives used in India for petrol and diesel?
What is the demand for these additives in India? What is the usage at the global level?
What is the distribution system and which are the key stakeholders?
Which are the key suppliers in the market?
What major factors affect the market?
What is the future of the market in India?
Table Of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Market Overview
3. Total Fuel Additive Market
o External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints
o Forecast and Trends
o Market Share and Competitive Analysis
4. Petrol Fuel Additives Segment Breakdown
5. Diesel Fuel Additives Segment Breakdown
6. The Last Word
7. Appendix

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