Strategic Analysis of Vehicle Technologies Evolution Roadmap and Penetration Analysis in North America

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Strategic Analysis of Vehicle Technologies Evolution Roadmap and Penetration Analysis in North America

This study provides strategic insights on key technologies in the passenger car industry in North America with a focus on market penetration of each key application in powertrain, electric vehicles, transmissions, chassis, safety, infotainment and telematics. This research indicates the revenue potential of each of the key technologies in 2020, based on the current market scenario and growth drivers. A large number of technologies are driven—directly or indirectly—by mandates and are expected to be available on at least two of every three passenger vehicles sold in North America. The study demarcates low-revenue-potential technologies from medium- and high-revenue-potential technologies.

Executive Summary—Key Findings

Vehicle Technologies: Technologies Related to Fuel Economy and Occupant Safety, North America, 2011

Region level

•Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) regulations on fuel economy and National Highway Safety Association's (NHTSA) efforts towards reducing fatalities drive key technologies.

•North America is expected to be a gasoline-dominated market until 2020, though alternative fuels are expected to grow in popularity.

OEM level

•While certain Advanced Driver Assisted Systems (ADAS) technologies, which have thus far been an optional fitment, are expected to be driven by legislation, standardized infotainment architecture is expected to be driven by Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) initiatives.

•OEMs defer the introduction of new technologies as product safety laws are strongly enforced in North America, making the OEMs liable for any malfunctioning of equipment.

•Key OEMs are expected to launch diesel models to provide consumers with more fuel efficient options.

Tier l level

•As technologies such as electric power steering gain popularity, hydraulic pump manufacturers and related value chains are expected to adopt to the electrification trend in order to stay buoyant in the industry.

•Increased use of electrical and electronic components is expected to bridge the development of systems that can be used on conventional vehicles, Electric Vehicles (EV), and hybrids.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Executive Summary 4

Research Scope, Objective, Background and Methodology 10

Definitions and Segmentation 17

Market Overview 28

Mega Trends and Industry Convergence Implications 33

Evolution of Powertrain and Transmission Technologies 37

Evolution of Engine Technologies 40

Evolution of EV and HEV Technologies 50

Evolution of Transmission Technologies 55

Evolution of Telematics and Infotainment Technologies 60

Evolution of Chassis Technologies 68

Evolution of Safety Technologies 76

Conclusions and Future Outlook 88

Appendix 93

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