Strategic Implications of Shale Gas Development in Argentina

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Strategic Implications of Shale Gas Development in Argentina

The Argentinean natural gas market, once a net exporter, has in the last decade become a net importer as supplies of natural gas have dwindled. The recent ability to extract shale gas by means of hydraulic fracturing technology has led to game-changing opportunities for the Argentinean natural gas market. Should shale gas be extracted in an environmentally sustainable and cost effective manner, it could boost Argentina's economy and supply the Southern Cone region with substantial natural gas for decades to come. This research service analyzes the strategic implications of development in the shale gas market in Argentina. The study period for this service is from 2011 to 2017, with a base year of 2011.

Executive Summary

•Shale gas is an unconventional natural gas. Recent technological advancements in hydraulic fracturing now make extraction commercially viable and, as demonstrated by the United States, countries with technically recoverable reserves are now thinking about increasing their gas allocations in their energy matrices due to the nascent accessibility of this feedstock.

•The technology has high stakes and the associated costs, risks, and benefits need to be properly analyzed in a framework that can enable elected officials and policy makers to make an educated decision that balances the needs of a nation's economy and the environment.

•Due to the nascent stage of the technology, there is a lack of empirical evidence to support many of the assumptions surrounding shale gas.

•This lack of empirical evidence is currently under heavy debate by various stakeholders.

•The discovery of significant shale gas reserves in Argentina could reverse the country's dwindling natural gas reserves and return it to a regional exporter of gas. Argentina has a significant existing gas infrastructure in place to develop and support these unconventional gas reserves.

•Key challenges are pricing regulations, cost and profitability, environmental and health concerns, and the management of water resources.

•Key drivers are energy security and economic benefits (should this shale gas be developed in an environmentally responsible manner).



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Technology Overview 6

Global Benchmarking 10

The Argentinean Electricity Matrix 14

Total Industry Analysis 17

External Challenges: Drivers and Restraints 23

The Argentinean Natural Gas Market—Regulation and Pricing Analysis 29

Benchmarking Shale Gas in the Argentinean Energy Sector 34

Infrastructure Requirements and Job Creation Analysis 38

Conclusions 43

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