Strategy Analytics: Automotive Camera Demand Growth Backed By Platform Chip Strategies

Recent Developments Accelerate Integration and Raise Performance

Mar 06, 2013, 13:46 ET from Strategy Analytics

BOSTON, March 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In the Automotive Electronics Service report, "Automotive Cameras: Chip Platform Strategies Enable Both Mandate Compliance And Enhanced Performance," Strategy Analytics predicts a 31 percent growth in camera deployment in light vehicles over the next five years, topping 89 million units by 2019.  In order to meet growing mandate-driven volume demand for back-up cameras in the US, a platform chip strategy will be vital for vendors to contain cost levels and realize performance.


With the changing criteria for coveted European NCAP 5-star rating, competition between auto makers is intensifying the vehicle safety offerings in the market.  A result is increased camera application.

A high volume chip platform design is expected to meet the needs of mandated cameras, while elements can be replaced or added to create the high performance cameras required for high segment models. 

"The industry costs for meeting the US back-up camera mandate has been estimated to be up to US$1.6 billion," said Kevin Mak, analyst in the Automotive Electronics Service (AES) at Strategy Analytics.  "Approximately half of the camera module bill-of-materials is in the semiconductor components.  The design is a key element in controlling the system cost and provides opportunities in product differentiation for chip vendors."

"This platform design approach lays the foundations of future high performance cameras, many of which will reach megapixel resolutions, among other attributes, including the need for faster and more precise image processing.  The increase in data rates will require digital outputs and high speed multiplexing."  Mak also adds, "Future demands from auto makers for automated object recognition and use of configurable, high resolution displays will also increase demands for high performance automotive cameras." 

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