Stress/Belly Fat Link Revealed on America's #1 Rated Doctor Show

Makers of Relacore® Extra Applaud Daytime Doctor for Bringing Attention to Stress/Cortisol/Belly Fat Issue

Feb 15, 2013, 03:05 ET from The Carter-Reed Company

NEW YORK CITY, Feb. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Nobody wants belly fat. It's unsightly, it's embarrassing, and it's extremely difficult to get rid of. But new research may have provided the key to melting belly fat and giving people the flat, sexy stomach they've been dreaming of. And — in true daytime television fashion — America's "super doc" was among the first to reveal this cutting-edge information to the public when he promised his audience, "I'm revealing how to cut the number one thing making your belly bulge…"

The Carter-Reed Company™, makers of America's #1 "Belly Fat" Pill Relacore® Extra, couldn't be more thrilled to have someone from the mainstream media bringing attention to this issue. "One of the most common complaints we've always gotten from customers is about their belly fat," says Chantelle Daines, spokesperson for Carter-Reed. "That's why we developed Relacore® Extra. People have been calling it America's #1 'Belly Fat' pill for years, even though it was specifically designed to reduce stress, reduce mild anxiety, improve mood, fight mid-day fatigue, and increase energy… therefore helping to fight the accumulation of stress-related belly fat. It's nice to have Relacore Extra's benefits confirmed by this new research."

How does a product designed to reduce mild anxiety and stress have an effect on belly fat? This was a major topic of discussion on the television show. The doctor and his guest expert, nutritional biochemist Dr. Shawn Talbott, discussed the link between stress, and in particular a stress hormone called cortisol, and belly fat. The super doc said, "The latest research tells us that most diets will fail because they don't control your stress hormone, cortisol." Dr. Talbott, who's spent his life researching the effects of cortisol and has written numerous books on that topic, explained: "That stress hormone cortisol really can signal your brain that you're hungry and then specifically signal your belly fat cells to store fat. So whenever we're under stress we're always getting that 'eat/store' signal in our body, and we have to short circuit that. Otherwise we'll never have that flat belly."

So just who is this "super" doc who's finally helping to bring awareness to the stress/belly fat problem? None other than the famed Dr. Oz who, with his team of experts, came up with a four-part plan to reduce belly fat, called "The Dr. Oz Flat Belly Plan." This plan offered diet and exercise tips, of course, but also focused on the importance of reducing not the amount of stress in your life, which seems impossible to most of us, but of reducing the effects stress-related cortisol has on your body. "It's unrealistic for us to tell people to avoid stress," Dr. Talbott said. "It just surrounds us these days. And so what we really want to do is help people trick their bodies into having an appropriate stress response so their cortisol levels come down naturally."

The doctors then discussed a number of supplements designed to help the body reduce cortisol levels, a necessity for those hoping to get rid of belly fat. "Of course, Dr. Oz never endorses any product and is not affiliated with The Carter-Reed Company or Relacore Extra," adds Ms. Daines, "but we're thrilled that he's so excited about the research behind the stress/cortisol/belly fat link and is helping teach people about how lowering stress levels can help melt belly fat."

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