Stromasys Announces "SYBIL" SPARCstation for Windows/Solaris and "ZELUS" Virtual HP 3000 for MPE/iX, Expanding its Cross-Platform Virtualization Offering

Jun 23, 2010, 11:57 ET from Stromasys S.A.

GENEVA, June 23, 2010 /PRNewswire/ --

- Exact Replication of SUN SPARC and HP 3000 Enterprise Servers Minimizes Cost and Risk of Old Hardware, Immortalizing Business-Critical Legacy Systems

Stromasys S.A., the pioneering leader in cross-platform virtualization technologies, today announced the availability of SYBIL/SS20, the first product in its SPARC virtual hardware family, as well as the ZELUS virtual HP 3000 development program. The functional hardware similarity created by both technologies allows businesses to migrate their legacy applications to modern platforms, without complex regression testing or application changes, using combined methods of virtualization and hardware abstraction layers.

"As more and more legacy systems come to maturity, companies are looking for reliable solutions that protect their business and systems logic, while securing a long-term future for their applications," said Robert Boers, Stromasys founder and CTO, speaking at the HP Technology Forum in Las Vegas. "The ability of legacy software to be maintained in the usual way is particularly important as these applications typically embed substantial business practices that are very costly to redefine and implement on a new platform. Stromasys' unique offering provides organizations the opportunity to move to modern platforms through software mathematical models of the legacy hardware very quickly, without disruption and at a fraction of the cost."

SYBIL/SS20 allows organizations running business-critical applications to run a virtual SPARCstation 5,10, or 20 through a SPARCstation 20 hardware abstraction layer (HAL) on an industry x86 computer system, server or laptop. When installed, the HAL appears to any software running on it as SPARCstation20 hardware. This "virtual hardware" not only executes the original Solaris applications but also emulates all other system behavior such as installing the Solaris OS, compiling, editing and testing programs. Trial versions of the Proof of Concept are available on: The first commercial product in the SPARC hardware family will be the SYBIL/E450, which will emulate the 64-bit Sun Workgroup servers and will be available for field trials in beta form in Q1 2011.

ZELUS, the virtual HP 3000 program, currently in the development phase ensures continuity after the phase-out program of the HP 3000 hardware. Similar to the SYBIL/SS20 and the Stromasys CHARON products, ZELUS creates virtual HP 3000 hardware on an industry standard server. ZELUS systems execute unmodified MPE/iX operating systems and their applications. The licensing of the MPE/iX operating system for HP 3000 emulators has already been published by Hewlett Packard. Currently Stromasys is canvassing for sponsor company participation to ensure ZELUS features are prioritized in accordance with customer needs. Further information about ZELUS is available on:

"Our customers come to us because they are confident we have the technology and expertise to transfer their software functionality to a modern computing environment, ensuring that the new system emulates their legacy system without any changes to the application or user interfaces. Many of our customers want to migrate their legacy virtualization to a modern data centre running on VMWare and our solution allows them to do just that. As our customers' needs grow in the future, expanding their system is both simple and economical," confirmed John Pritchard, Stromasys CEO. "Stromasys prides itself on delivering our cross-virtualization projects to budget and in a timely manner and our success with CHARON DEC emulators is testimony to that, with over 3000 licenses to date. Our company's expansion to other legacy platforms is a natural progression for Stromasys and we are excited to be the first global company to commercially bring these technologies to market," concluded Pritchard.

"While still a niche market, the use of processor emulation (cross-platform virtualisation) is gradually accelerating with an increase in maturity, support and acceptance," confirmed Andrew Butler, Vice President, Gartner Research. "With net performance after overhead for processor emulation still meeting the desired performance level, while benefitting from the cost economics of x86 technology, the capability is an opportunity for older architectures and instruction sets to be deployed on newer platforms."

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Stromasys S.A. is a privately held, global company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland which provides commercial cross-virtualization technologies to thousands of users in more than 50 countries. Established in 1998, Stromasys was formed from a management buyout of Digital Equipment Corporation's European Migration and Porting centre following the HP/Compaq merger. The vast experience gained from years of large-scale migration and porting projects, system-level VMS engineering projects, and development of binary translators eventually led to the creation of the CHARON-VAX and CHARON-AXP software products. With full service sales and support locations in the United States, Eindhoven, and Hong Kong, engineering facilities in Russia and China, and representation around the globe, Stromasys continues to expand, bringing additional cross-virtualization technologies for legacy platforms to the market.

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