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Aug 22, 2013, 14:04 ET from It is 3D

LONDON, August 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Discover the world of 3D scanning at an unbeatable price

it is 3D has added a more powerful specification scanner to its range of 3D products. Designed for use in industry as a real alternative to much higher cost equipment, it is priced at a level which makes it equally accessible to the educational market and even to the hobbyist. In conjunction with it is 3D's creative design software, 3D printers and 5-axis machining, it brings 3D capability to everyone.

You no longer need to be an expert in 3D scanning. This is a 3D scanner which allows everyone to create highly precise and beautifully presented 3D scan data, quickly, easily and affordably.

The DAVID SLS-1 scanner uses innovative Structured Light technology, which allows precise 3D scanning in a matter of seconds. The scanner is mobile and can easily be put in front of the object to be scanned. A single click in the well-proven software starts the scan - and a few seconds later the digitized 3D model shown up on your screen.

You can then scan all sides of the object, and combine them to create a closed 360° model. The modular hardware set up enables you to scan your object - any size.

The results can be exported into common 3D file formats [STL, OBJ, PLY] and processed in other applications, for rapid prototyping, inspection, product presentations, archaeology and cultural heritage, works of art, computer animations, video games... the limits are set only by your imagination.

  • Excellent Value for Money

3D scanners cost an arm and a leg? Not any longer. The DAVID SLS-1 is a complete 3D scanner, capable of digitizing tiny or large objects with an astonishing level of detail - at an unbeatable price - under £2,000 (under $3,000).

  • Highly Flexible Setup

Arrange your scan setup according to your object size and required scan precision. In combination with a laptop you get a very stable and mobile scan solution. The Structured Light method operates without any moving mechanical parts, which makes the scanner inexpensive and robust.

  • Easy to Use

After calibrating the scanner using the calibration panels provided, each scan is performed with a single mouse click. The software immediately creates a triangle mesh and presents it in its 3D viewer. This way, multiple views can be scanned and collected - all around, top and bottom.

  • Scan Post-Processing Made Easy

Align and merge your textured scans to create watertight all-round triangle meshes with just a few mouse clicks, and export them to common CAD file formats [ST, OBJ, PLY] that can be imported by most 3D tools. The 3D data are stored in absolute scale, making them suitable for measurements, comparisons and 3D milling or printing.

Whatever your application, the DAVID SLS-1 3D scanner is the ideal solution to turn physical objects into 3D scan data. In conjunction with it is 3D's other products, you can then use that data to make an exact copy or to use the scan data as the start of a new design, which can then be turned into both a physical and a virtual model. It is a perfect solution for the industrial or creative user, for the hobbyist and in an educational environment.

Technical Specifications:

  • Scan size: 10-500mm
  • Resolution: approx. 0.2% of object size [down to 0.2mm]
  • Precision: approx. 0.1% of object size [down to 0.1mm]
  • Scanning time: 2-4 seconds per scan
  • Mesh density: Up to 350,000 vertices per scan
  • Export formats: OBJ, TL, PLY

Contents of Package:
Industrial camera with focusable lens
Video projector with special lens for large focus range
Mounting rack with flexible configuration options
Tripod for stable setup
Calibration panels [different sizes] for multiple scan volumes
USB drive with Pro Edition software
All necessary cables

System Requirements:
Standard PC [Windows XP, Vista or 7, 32-bit or 64-bit]
3D graphics adapter
Available VGA or HDMI port
Two available USB ports
Recommended: Dual-core processor, 2Ghz 4Gb RAM, NVIDIA or AMD graphics adapter

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For more information, please contact:
Martin Stevens
it is 3D Ltd