Study Shows Digital Marketing Agencies Retain More Clients If They Track Telephone Calls

Jul 21, 2015, 04:00 ET from Mediahawk

MILTON KEYNES, England, July 21, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

UK Agency Bamboo Nine Achieves 98% Client Retention Rate Using Call Tracking Software

Bamboo Nine, a forward thinking UK Digital Agency, uses call tracking software to prove that it generates leads and conversions for its customers, leading to increased client spend and a 98% client retention rate.

  • Bamboo Nine uses Mediahawk's flexible call tracking software to provide clients with solid evidence that their campaigns are generating offline leads and enquiries through phone calls
  • Mediahawk provided a bespoke integration with Bamboo Nine's unique bid management system, allowing them to quickly focus PPC spend on converting keywords

The flexibility of Mediahawk's call tracking software has allowed digital marketing agency Bamboo Nine to achieve 98% client retention rate by showing the value of their work with tangible data - real proof that their marketing campaigns are generating leads and phone calls.

Specialising in Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, Bamboo Nine invests heavily in bid management software so they can rapidly adjust bid spend to focus on performing search terms for their clients. They need to know which keywords generate visits to their clients' sites and, most importantly, which keywords actually drive calls and enquiries.

This is where Mediahawk's call tracking technology helped to fill the gap between online optimisation based upon offline conversion data. Most call tracking software will only show which PPC keywords get clicks. Mediahawk was able to set up a bespoke integration with Bamboo Nine's bid management system, allowing them to quickly focus campaigns and PPC spend on the keywords that drive offline leads and sales.

Bamboo Nine has been using Mediahawk's call tracking software to understand the most relevant and profitable keywords that produce inbound calls to optimise their clients' PPC campaigns, allowing them to prove that they're spending budget in the right places. Chris Rivera, Director of Bamboo Nine, said: "Our clients can physically see that calls are being generated from their AdWords campaigns so they know that their investment is paying off."

Mike Morrel, Mediahawk's Managing Director, stresses the importance of agencies knowing which channels drive clients' ROI:

"Marketing agencies invest heavily in campaigns, yet they often lack the insight to qualify which engagements really drive ROI. The best advert in the world is worthless unless it connects with the right audience."

"The telephone is often overlooked as an inbound response channel for marketers. Call tracking allows you to optimise your advertising to ensure that you are targeting your marketing spend in the right areas."

The agency has also been able to use the call data to optimise their clients' wider marketing activity, leading to more intuitive SEO and content recommendations, and enabling the agency to cross-sell their full suite of digital services and increase client spend in other areas.

According to Chris, using Mediahawk's software "has provided crucial knowledge to optimise bid management and drive effective cost per click and cost per lead. This has enabled us to make a better return on investment for our clients, which in turn has led them to keep their marketing with us."

You can read the full case study here

About Mediahawk: Mediahawk is a leading call tracking and marketing analytics provider. They monitor the advertising effectiveness of thousands of marketing campaigns for companies such as Aston Martin, Kia UK, The Caravan Club, Barchester Healthcare and Aspinal of London.

Mediahawk has been at the forefront of call tracking innovation giving clients the ability to track online and offline activity that generate telephone enquiries. Website call tracking provides insight into visitor online journeys and the keywords, web pages and internet sources that result in phone calls.

Mediahawk was formed in 2002 and is based in Central Milton Keynes.

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