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GUANGZHOU, China, Dec. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Whenever or however you arrive at the RELLECIGA Bikini store (online or offline), you will always be greeted and overwhelmed by the various styles of RELLECIGA bikinis, and you will always find the best bikini for your body type and personality.

Each time you visit, you will find an abundance of swimwear in all different styles and colors. While the brand name says "Bikini", we have more than just tiny string bikinis with no support or coverage. We have those too, but we really design for the type of people who love beaches and pay close attention to what they desire.

RELLECIGA is very well-known for its unique-design bikinis, this is where she started and how she got her reputation. Each collection features a variety of styles, sizes, and colors and all the pieces mix and match, without any limitations.

A Deep Understanding of Bikini Fashion

RELLECIGA's staff always remembers and cherishes what happened in the past, known as history, because history really matters. Understanding the past defines the way we understand the future, especially future fashions.

Bikini fashions have really come a long way. Over the decades since they were first introduced and worn, the bikini has seen some big changes. Considering how different the modern bikini is from what women were first wearing in the 1800s, the history of swimwear has definitely been dotted with milestones. In the 1850s, women wore bathing gowns (yes, gowns!) that covered the body from head to toe. It had full body coverage with a skirt, bloomers and stockings on the bottom, and sleeves on the top with a high collar. When the 1900s rolled around, they evolved into sleeveless, sheath dress styles. Towards the 1920s the necklines started to go lower and skirts turned into shorts of mid-thigh lengths. It was in the 1940s that swimsuit fashions took a major turn with the invention of the bikini. At the time, people are very conservative with their wardrobes and the idea of sporting a midriff-baring two-piece swimsuit was scandalous and shocking. Originally, the inventors couldn't even find a model to wear it. In the end they had to hire a nude dancer to model it. Like most inventions, the bikini just needed time for people to come around to it and before long, women everywhere were embracing the freedom and feminine appeal of the two-piece suit.

Since then, bikini fashions have evolved into other variations and more extreme versions.  A hybrid between the one-piece and two-piece, the monokini has a distinct top and bottom, but with a section in the middle that joins the two. The tankini looks like a one-piece but is designed as two separate pieces with the top looking like a tank top so that your mid-section is covered. 

Bikinis are also being designed in smaller and smaller styles. The Brazilian is a type of bikini with a bottom that shows off some more skin in the back. By skimming off fabric in the back, this style of RELLECIGA Bikini lets some more skin peek out from the side. Thong bikini styles are also becoming popular options. This cheek-baring style lets it all hang out leaving little to the imagination.

Lace Bikini -- RELLECIGA Carries on a Way of Pursuing Fashion, Trend & Perfection

RELLECIGA is always one step ahead of the competition with our incredibly stylish designs. We cherish the inspiration our designers bring out, and share them with you! For 2013, we will be taking sexy lace bikinis really seriously. So, get the lace bikini you always want with RELLECIGA; and remember, lace is always better on RELLECIGA bikinis.

As far as we know, lace is a complicated fabric to wear. One must ensure that other elements fit well, as lace pulls across the body when an item is too tight. This material is beautiful and rich, particularly in the neon/coral colors that RELLECIGA comes in, or even in jewel tones. However, during the hot summer months, a classic lace shift dress or lace camisole might be particularly flattering with summer skin and highlights. When by the pool, a bikini with some lace overlay or a sweet eyelet lace detail would be a fun mix of cute and sexy!

Lace is a material that can be found at all kinds of stores and brands -- every price point will have lace. A recent lace sighting has been the lace collection of Beach Bunny Swimwear. It is young, cut and extremely sexy. The colors are also admirable. This lace look might be perfect for the woman who shows in open swimming environments, like in a pool or at the beach.

RELLECIGA will bring you more! Lace is young and hot, so forget about the minus bandeau bikinis and halter style bikinis, RELLECIGA will bring out the sexiest one ever -- the triangle style top lace bikinis. Ties are set at the neck and at the back with a tie that wraps around below the bust. The gorgeous neon/coral lace trim detail starts sliding triangle top with braided neck ties, and the lace waist bottom with 1/2 shirring at center back brings extra attraction.

Here are some other great things about RELLECIGA Lace Bikinis

  • Gorgeous lace sliding triangle top with braided neck ties.
  • Neon/coral lace trim
  • Moderate coverage
  • Unique elastic braid-design ties
  • Adjustable Ties at the neck and back
  • Lace waist bottom with 1/2 shirring at center back.
  • Fashion print/jacquard weave/solid design
  • Color fastness level plus +1 (compare to normal bikinis and lace)

This series of lace bikini also features mesh details throughout the hemlines, another eye-catching detail. The back is just as sexy, with a bottom that offers moderate coverage at the rear, and we love the open back look.

What would you say? How do you feel? RELLECIGA Lace Bikinis are just around the corner.

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