Suarez Corporation Industries signs Joe Namath to a 5-year contract to help create new manufacturing jobs in the USA

Jul 18, 2012, 19:00 ET from Suarez Corporation Industries

NORTH CANTON, Ohio, July 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Suarez Corporation Industries (SCI) has signed Joe Namath to a 5-year contract to aid in creating new jobs at its manufacturing facilities in North Canton, Ohio and for parts producers across the nation.

SCI, a company bringing back jobs from China to the USA, manufactures a line of home appliance products that include The EdenPURE Infrared Portable Heater, ScaleRID, a water purifier, the EdenPURE Air Purifier, and the EdenPURE sweeper. Manufacturing of the EdenPURE Heater and the ScaleRID were brought from China to the US in 2011. Other products currently manufactured in China are due to follow. Also, new products will be manufactured in North Canton, Ohio.

Joe Namath will be involved with the promotion of new products and some new product ideas. The first new product that will be manufactured at SCI's North Canton facility will be The Joe Namath Infrared Portable Stove.

Jon Molnar, the professional chef who is the Executive Director of SCI's Specialty Foods Division, is a cousin of Joe Namath. Molnar called Namath to see if he would be interested in endorsing Chef Jon Molnar's Genuine Tuscany Italian Pasta and Pizza Sauces. Namath tasted the sauces and agreed to endorse them.

Then Namath discussed with Molnar how he missed the great food in New York restaurants; he now lives in Florida. Namath said he especially missed the steaks in the top New York steak restaurants and the food in the top Italian restaurants, especially the stone oven baked pizzas. Molnar went to New York and found out the secrets of the top New York steak restaurants, mainly the best one, which is in Brooklyn by the Brooklyn Bridge. The key secret involves not grilling the steak, but, rather, broiling the steak in a special broiler that reaches a temperature of 1500 degrees.  

Molnar, along with SCI's Engineering Department, then developed a portable stove that gets up to a 1500 degree temperature with a special broiler that will also make any type of meat taste much better including chicken, fish, ribs, and burgers. The Joe Namath Infrared Portable Stove also has the added benefit of reducing fat and calories in meat because the excess fat drips into a catch pan in the bottom of the stove.

A number of Joe Namath Portable Infrared Stoves have been produced at SCI's Manufacturing Facility in North Canton, and marketing has begun.

Other new products endorsed by Namath are on the way. Most of these will come from the Benjamin and Nancy Applied Marketing Research Laboratories, the first complete functioning neuromarketing facility in the world at The University of Akron. Brain scanners and other bio feedback apparatuses are used to determine very quickly whether new products will be successful in the marketplace. The new products that are determined to have a high probability of success will then be engineered and manufacturing at SCI's Manufacturing Facility in North Canton and a number of these will be endorsed by Joe Namath. SCI also employs other celebrities such as Richard Karn to promote its home appliance products and utilizes other celebrities such as Cheryl Ladd to promote products in its Endless Youth and Life health and fitness division.

Joe Namath has very high star power, likeability, and trustworthiness amongst the public.

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