"Submit the Documentary™" The way we hurt each other has evolved™

Feb 26, 2013, 07:00 ET from PLAT4M STUDIOS LLC

ATLANTA, Feb. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Les Ottolenghi releases "Submit the Documentary," an in-depth look into the profound, reality of cyberbullying. The documentary is produced by Les Ottolenghi and Ashley Reid of PLAT4M STUDIOS LLC in Atlanta, and directed by Muta'Ali Muhammad. Submit is an effort, a true labor of love and service, to spread awareness on the reality of cyberbullying.

Producer Les Ottolenghi explains why he created Submit, "I came home from work one night and turned on the local news and saw the story of an 11 year old boy who had been cyberbullied and then committed suicide. I thought about my 1 year old son and thought, 'This can't happen again, this can't happen to anyone else's child, this can't happen to our child.' So I made this movie so these wonderful and powerful technologies that can be used in very good ways were not used in bad ways. I made this film so that all of you that are watching it become aware and not bystanders."

Submit compassionately tells the stories of children and families who are affected by the harsh reality of cyberbullying. The shared experiences, testimonials of survivors, and experts on this phenomenon allow you to peer into the rapidly growing world of cyberbullying. Submit educates parents, teachers, counselors, and bystanders and how they can help the victims of bullying and stop cyberbullies.

Bullying has taken on a new and powerful shape. Technological anonymity and unlimited access to digital devices have propelled an uprising of cyberbullies. In today's digital generation, we stay in-touch with the world and our friends through phones, tablets, and laptops. Texting and social media are vital to communicating with friends and connecting with new people.

It is too easy to be invisible on the Internet, so anyone can be a cyberbully. Submit is also accepted into the 2013 Atlanta Film Fest and 2013 Buffalo Niagara Film Fest. Please join our hash-tag campaign to spread awareness #NoBystanders #SubmitYourStory.

Director: Muta Ali Muhammad

Producers: Les Ottolenghi and Ashley Reid

Submit the Documentary

00:50:41 School Cut

00:54:50 Producer Cut

For more information, to contact the Producers, interview requests, content library, newsroom, resources, screening kits, and showing information, please visit www.submitthedocumentary.com.

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