Subterranean Warfare (Tunnels & Underground Structures Detection and Subterranean Robots) Technologies: Global Market - 2015-2020

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Transformational Technologies Drive the Market
In recent conflicts (e.g. Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Gaza) , wherever the U.S., NATO, Israel and other nations have overwhelming combat power, their adversaries (e.g., Al-Qaeda, Taliban, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah) resorted to a much more primitive combat strategy, the use of underground tunnels and structures. The challenge posed by these clandestine tunnels and underground structures is the key to the emergence of transformational counter-terror technologies and tactics. The maturity and deployment of these technologies are forecasted to alter the asymmetric landscape of subterranean warfare into a symmetric encounter.

Future subterranean warfare techno-tactics will be based on:

1. Fused Multi-Modal Multi-Sensor systems for clandestine tunnels & underground structures detection.
2. Proactive Subterranean Warfare, in which remotely controlled "Detect and Kill" subterranean robots will search, locate and destroy the adversary tunnels and buried structures.

These new developments will open a new era of "Subterranean Warfare" in which a host of ever-changing technologies and tactics will be employed by armed forces and law enforcement agencies. The report examines each dollar spent in the market via two orthogonal money trails: by Technology, Solutions & Service Sectors and by Country-Region. Within these trails, the report is granulated into 15 technology, solution & service submarkets and 10 national/regional submarkets

Questions answered in this 370-page report include:

- What will the market size and trends be during 2015-2020?
- What are the submarkets that provide attractive business opportunities?
- What drives the Subterranean Warfare market?
- What are the customers looking for?
- What are the Subterranean Warfare technologies?
- Where and what are the market opportunities?
- What are the market drivers and inhibitors?
- Who are the key vendors?
- What are the challenges to market penetration & growth?

The report presents in 370 pages, 186 tables & figures, analysis of 17 current and pipeline solutions, services & technologies and 23 leading vendors. It is explicitly tailored for decision-makers in the fields of defense, homeland security and public safety industry, border security and other. The report details the market, funding & legislation trends, and enables decision makers to identify business opportunities. It presents pipeline technologies, market size, drivers and inhibitors.

It also provides for each submarket 2014 data and analyses, and also projects the 2015-2020 market and technologies from several perspectives, including:

- Business opportunities and challenges
- SWOT analysis
- Market analysis (e.g., market dynamics, market drivers and inhibitors)
- 2014-2020 market size data & forecasts, current & emerging technologies & services, key facts, sector background and analysis of the following 17 industry sectors:
1. In-Tunnel Scouting Robots
2. Ground Robots
3. "Seek and Kill" Attack-Robots
4. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)
5. Surface Seismic Systems
6. Borehole Passive Sensors (BPS)
7. Borehole Active Sensors (BAS)
8. Fiber Optic Sensors
9. Microgravity Detection Systems (MDS)
10. Resistive and MMWave Tomography
11. UGV Based Systems
12. Electromagnetic Systems (w/o GPR)
13. Testing & Evaluation
14. Civil Engineering Projects
15. Consulting Services
16. Planning & Training Outsourced Services
17. Gov. Funded R&D

- 2014-2020 market size data & forecasts, key facts and techno-tactical-economic analysis of 10 countries and regions:

1. U.S.
2. Europe
3. Israel
4. Saudi Arabia
5. UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait
6. MEA (w/o Israel & Gulf States)
7. India
8. China
9. South Korea
10. R.O.W.

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