Successful Conference to Promote Huashan -- China's Magical Mountain Tourist Area

"Enjoy Steep Mountain Climbing, Explore Exceptional Tourist Attractions"

Jul 15, 2013, 09:00 ET from The Management Committee of Huashan

SHANGHAI, July 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Huashan Scenic Area Management Committee held a conference to promote and market the Huashan Mountain area as a tourism spot under the theme of -- "Enjoy Steep Mountain Climbing, Explore Exceptional Tourist Attractions" -- in Shanghai, China's fashion capital, on July 4, 2013. Representatives from the Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration and Shanghai Tourism Trade Association, as well as more than 60 journalists from over 40 media organizations were present at the conference, including Phoenix Television, Shanghai Media Group, Xinmin Evening News, Wen Hui Daily, Jiefang Daily, Oriental Morning Post, Southern Metropolis Daily, Youth Daily, Xinhua, People's Daily Online, Sina, Sohu,

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The conference was held at Old Wharf No. 1 Club, a uniquely Shanghai-style landmark building featuring a combination of both Chinese and Western architecture. The Huashan Scenic Area Management Committee gave an introduction on the comprehensive set of services available at the tourism spot including dining, hotels, shopping, entertainment and tourism via a variety of artistic performances including a shadow play originating from the central Shaanxi plain and traditional Chinese folk performances such as paper-cutting and clay figurines, as well as video clips showing beautiful vistas of the Huashan area, photos and promotional brochures. In addition, the Committee donated entrance and ropeway tickets worth 640,000 yuan (approx. US$103,000) to local residents of Shanghai. The tickets were handed out free of charge during a road show on July 5. The Committee aims to persuade an increasing number of Shanghai residents to visit to Huashan and to enjoy their stay there.

At Huashan, not only can you experience the three towering peaks whose shadows fall on the Yellow River, but you can also see the natural vistas of steep and narrow paths and precipitous crags including the Sparrow Hawk's Cliff and the foot-wide Cliffside Plank Path -- a truly scenic spot that has been the source of inspiration for several articles in the UK's Daily Mail. 

The precipitous environment at Huashan and the tough journey to cross the mountain will push you to look deep inside yourself and be aware of your level of conviction, hesitation, bravery and timidity.

At Huashan, you can not only see the toil and perseverance that went into the restoration and upkeep of the area, but also understand the emotions of travel enthusiasts, which in turn can enrich your own feelings. 

At Huashan, you can gain an understanding of the philosophy of Taoism and experience the otherworldly life of Taoists, while learning about traditional Chinese culture focused on mindfulness practice and regimen.

The scenic mountain spot known as the Number One Precipitous Mountain under Heaven is the best place in the Huashan area for travel and outdoor enthusiasts to hike, climb, challenge themselves and experience some of the health benefits of Taoism while enjoying the beauty of nature. 

Come to Huashan to find another you!

About Huashan Mountain

Huashan Mountain, 2,155 meters in height, is one of China's five famous mountains. The national scenic site and national 5A tourist attraction is located 120 km east of China's former ancient capital of Xi'an, south of the Wei River valley and Yellow River, and north of the Qinling Mountains. According to the research of Zhang Taiyan, a renowned scholar who lived during the late Qing Dynasty and the early period of the Republic of China, Huashan Mountain is one of the birth places of Chinese national culture. China, especially in Chinese literature, is often referred to as "Zhonghua" and "Huaxia," and the "Hua" in both of these appellations are references to the central importance of Huashan Mountain in Chinese history and culture.

The Chang Kong Cliff Road on Huashan Mountain was carved out of the mountain up to the halfway point more than 700 years ago by He Yuanxi, a Taoist priest who lived in Longxi during China's Yuan dynasty. Along both sides of the 30cm wide cliff road are sheer precipices and overhanging rocks. Tourists must walk closely along the mountain wall while hugging the ropes. A misstep could send pilgrims plunging thousands of feet into the valley. Tourists brave enough to walk along this path need to wear specially-made safety gear.

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