Successful Online Marketing Services Requires Local Premium Directory Listings

Local businesses in Los Angeles benefit from being included on local premium directory listings, managed by internet marketing company Cyberset.

Dec 02, 2013, 14:31 ET from Cyberset Corp.

LOS ANGELES, Dec. 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- As a successful internet marketing company in the Greater Los Angeles area, Cyberset helps local businesses achieve the heightened visibility they need to thrive. In fact, with the full range of online marketing services offered by Cyberset, businesses can gain traction in an environment where consumers no longer flip through the in-print phone directory, rather depending on smartphones and search engines. As the president of a website marketing company that helps clients increase their revenue by bringing more web traffic and increased consumer interest, Cyberset CEO and President Shahab Saba emphasizes the importance of joining local premium directory listings, a service offered by Cyberset.

"Being on premium online directories is important for local businesses, both for online and smartphone apps," said Saba. "Websites such as Google, Yahoo! and Facebook and others are the way new consumers find local businesses and become interested in their products or services offered."

Cyberset has three main services, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click advertising and social media marketing. Additionally, the company places an emphasis on premium directory listings to help guide customers towards its clients' pages. After all, many consumers will turn to websites such as Yelp or Facebook to find reviews, events, and special offers, as well as the most current contact information. While some businesses may be apprehensive about staking their reputation on Yelp, the Cyberset team encourages businesses to join, as 83 percent of reviewers rate companies at 3 stars or higher.

In fact, premium SEO content and joining a local directory can achieve the same end goal of boosting organic search ranking for important key phrases that describe the products or services offered by a particular brand. For instance, even if a company isn't rated number one for a specific search term, their company will still appear high in the search ranking because they appear on a local premium directory listening that ranks for that term. 

Cyberset helps businesses build links to their site through high-quality, original, and optimized written content that gives valuable information to consumers who are in the midst of making decisions about where to spend their money. This process is best left to the experts at a marketing company devoted to boosting your visibility online, which in turn will generate higher revenue. Owners of small or medium-sized local businesses interested in Cyberset's services should call Cyberset at (800) 601-5053 for a free quote on its service packages, which can be customized to meet any business' needs.

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