SumAll Adds Tumblr, SEOmoz and Foursquare Integration to Its Connected Data Web Tracking Solution

Comprehensive Data Visualization Helps Marketers Measure and Compare Results across All Data in a Single Dashboard to Gain Actionable Insights

May 28, 2013, 09:03 ET from SumAll

NEW YORK, May 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SumAll, a leading data analytics visualization company, today announced the addition of Tumblr, SEOmoz and Foursquare to its connected data tool, growing the number of integrated social and online platforms that feed data into its visual marketing analytics tool to more than 21 and making SumAll the most comprehensive web and social data analytics platform on the market.

Now, marketers and social media managers can track and compare organic traffic data against competitors, measure SEO growth over time, and view this data alongside social media audience engagement, revenue data and other digital marketing results to understand key correlations and how digital marketing efforts impact the bottom line. With SumAll, companies gain real-time ROI data to uncover new insights about what works and what doesn't and make smart data-driven decisions with the ease and convenience of seeing all marketing data in a one location.

"We are delighted to launch these three major integrations,  at once, giving our customers the ability to see all their key data together in one dashboard and understand the correlations that are driving their business," said Dane Atkinson, CEO of SumAll. "As we streamline our data integration process, we expect to add many more in the coming months to give marketers the connected data, transparency and insights they need to make the best decisions."

One of the top 10 websites in the U.S. and boasting more users than Facebook under age 25, Tumblr is becoming a critical channel for marketers in reaching this coveted and growing demographic. Offering no built-in analytics system of its own, Tumblr integration with SumAll offers marketers a valuable opportunity to see—for the first time—how brand-related Tumblr activities correlate with and impact other digital marketing efforts.

To gain a competitive SEO advantage, SumAll users can also now get a taste of SEOmoz for free, without having to purchase an account, to see how their pages rank in comparison to one another and their competitors. In SumAll, users can see how their pages perform based on the number of external links coming into their site, measured directly against that of their most relevant competitors for a head-to-head comparison that reveals critical SEO opportunities.

With Foursquare integration in SumAll, marketers can bridge the gap between online marketing efforts and offline results, tracking check-in activity surrounding their brands across Foursquare's 30 million+ user base and gathering valuable location data to optimize their targeting efforts.

SumAll is the only marketing data analytics tool of its kind that connects audience activity data across a broad range of social, commerce, payment, paid ads, traffic measurement and other platforms into a single dashboard, with elegant interactive graphics that make it extremely easy to view, digest and compare performance data across all channels in real time. With SumAll, marketers save time by eliminating data silos, work with real-time data and avoid manual analysis whilst improving marketing results and ROI with clear visibility into what works to drive traffic, engagement and sales through  interactive charts that present a top-level snapshot, plus the ability to drill down and gain deeper insights quickly and easily.

Now tracking more than $2 billion in commerce data, 290 billion social actions and nearly 190 billion site visits, SumAll provides a daily digest email that condenses all of this valuable data for each user into a single daily email to keep marketers up to date on key metrics for their business. SumAll's interactive dashboard is viewable via web browser for instant access to vital marketing data from anywhere, anytime.

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