SumAll Audience Boost Helps Companies Turn Email Lists into Instagram Audiences

An answer to the all the 'click farms' that create phony followers, SumAll Audience Boost builds an Instagram audience of customers and prospects that already engage with the brand

Jul 10, 2015, 09:03 ET from SumAll

NEW YORK, June 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- SumAll, a provider of connected data analytics, today launched SumAll Audience Boost , a new service that turns a company's email list into an Instagram audience. SumAll Audience Boost builds an Instagram audience by engaging customers and prospects who already know the brand. The service will help companies build a quality following and generate sales from Instagram.

SumAll Audience Boost was designed to challenge 'click farms', the shady businesses that pay workers to like and follow brands for less than pennies per click. Click farms, mainly based in developing world, are known to operate like sweatshops and produce very low quality followers that care nothing about the brand and will never buy its product. Click farms are a bad deal for the brands that pay and an even worse deal for the workers that have to 'like' and 'follow' thousands of times to make a single dollar. Many click farms also use 'bots' that impersonate social media users and generate clicks. 

SumAll Audience Boost takes the opposite approach by using a company's email list to automatically identify, follow and engage with Instagram users that have already expressed interest in the brand. Companies simply connect their Instagram account to the SumAll platform and import an email list from their chosen service (MailChimp, Constant Contact, Shopify, Marketo, Facebook, etc.) The email list remains strictly confidential. SumAll Audience Boost then finds members of the email list on Instagram that are most likely to be highly engaged, enables you to easily follow them and encourages them to follow the company back.

SumAll Audience Boost users can keep track of their progress with a simple dashboard that displays the number of matching contacts found, contacts followed, contacts that follow the company back, and other data about the audience. In testing, SumAll has found that SumAll Audience Boost audiences have a 16 to 25 percent follow back rate as compared to just 5 percent with click farms.

In beta until today, SumAll Audience Boost was tested by a select group of ecommerce businesses. Justin Winter, CEO of Diamond Candles, participated in the pilot program.

"We had an enormous email list but only a small following on Instagram. SumAll transformed our contact lists into Instagram followers," said Winter. "This new touch point in our customer ecosystem is basically printing us money. Because of SumAll, we are engaging with our most influential fans and with those who love to engage with us."

"When you buy followers from click farms, they don't care about your content or brand. SumAll Audience Boost is the opposite of a click farm: it strictly focuses on real people who already engage with your brand and care about what you sell," said Dane Atkinson, CEO of SumAll. "These followers are most likely to purchase your products and share your content with their own followers. SumAll Audience Boosts all is about finding and connecting with this valuable community."

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