Summer Forecast: Hot Weather, Fun, and Flat Tires

With Ride-On, The Great American Road Trip doesn't have to stop for a flat

Jun 21, 2012, 16:03 ET from Ride-On

LOS ANGELES, June 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- As America's road trip season commences, tires are being used, worn bald and occasionally kicked. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, however, one thing drivers are not doing to their tires is inspecting them. 30.18% of drivers say they only inspect their tires when their car gets serviced. Over 70% say they don't even inspect their tires at least once a month. So another thing we're doing to tires this summer: we're flattening them. Ride-On tire sealant, along with accompanying LED Smart Cap, is how smart drivers prevent statistics like these from creeping up on them. Ride-On products prevent hassle by letting you dodge other forms of after-the-fact puncture repair.

The data are startling. In Texas alone, representatives from AAA forecast that they'll get 50,000 calls this summer due to flat tires. Worse still, over the course of one summer, NHTSA estimates that about 60,000 accidents occur due to low tire pressure.

If you're a driver, and you're among the forgetful 70% who don't diligently check your tires (be honest), you stand to gain big from the implementation of Ride-On's unique tire sealing system, and additional flat tire prevention. Ride-On doesn't keep nails or debris out of the road, nor does it harden the outer surface of your tires. Ride-On is a gel that sits inside your tire, automatically balancing your tire and smoothing out your ride as you go. When you get a puncture, Ride-On will seal the hole, preventing the air from leaving your tire.

In addition to the exclusive flat tire repair technology of Ride-On tire sealant, the LED smart cap works with the sealant to form a redundant system that will keep you rolling wherever your summer trip takes you. The LED Smart Cap TPMS intelligently monitors your tire pressure to ensure that your tires are in peak form, and helping prevent the puncture's meaner, bigger brother: the blowout. Blowouts are caused by low pressure and overheating. The Smart Cap includes sophisticated measurement abilities that take into account temperature and other factors when deducing the ideal pressure. If your tire pressure drops by 4 psi, the Smart Cap blinks to alert you. As an added benefit, properly inflated tires help optimize your fuel efficiency, saving you (by some estimates) 12 cents per gallon at today's prices!

Now, with the LED Smart Cap Roadside Assistance Program offered as a free service to customers who purchase the 4 pack automobile blister back, or the 2 pack for motorcycles, you'll really be able to keep moving this summer. While it's important to check availability and coverage, this free service can be a real lifesaver, not just for tire related issues, but for fuel, battery and lockout-related trouble as well, which are also covered.

This summer, whether you're taking a tour of America's National Parks or heading to Vegas, stay on the road with the line of products from Ride-On. Check them out online at

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