Summer Is A Splash With New Juicy Juice Sparkling Fruit Juice Beverage

Beverage Combines Cool Carbonation with the Benefits of Real Fruit Juice

Jun 14, 2010, 10:30 ET from Nestle USA

GLENDALE, Calif., June 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Summer break can sometimes mean that families also take a vacation from healthy routines they establish throughout the school year. Just in time for the hot summer months, Nestle USA announces the launch of new Juicy Juice Sparkling, an all-natural, lightly carbonated fruit juice beverage that can be a refreshing alternative to soda.



"Kids love the refreshment of carbonated drinks—especially as they get older, become more independent and see other kids drinking them. However, sodas and other sugar-added drinks can lack the nutritional benefits that kids need, plus they are often loaded with artificial colors and flavors," says Victoria Nuevo-Celeste, brand manager for Juicy Juice. "Nestle Juicy Juice Sparkling is a great way to provide kids with a fizzy beverage that tastes great and is a nutritious option."

Juicy Juice Sparkling Fruit Juice Beverages contain no added sugar, artificial colors or flavors. The new beverages blend 70 percent real fruit juice with 30 percent lightly carbonated water and are an excellent source of Vitamin C. Each flavor offers the goodness of real fruit juice and counts as one serving of fruit toward the daily recommended intake.

"When it comes to children's nutrition, it's all about balance, and parents have the power to steer their kids toward better options," said Claudia Gonzalez, MS RD.   "Summer in particular can often be a challenging time for good nutrition, which is why it's important to establish a summer routine that involves a balanced diet and plenty of physical activity."  To help keep kids on the right track during meal and snack times, Gonzalez recommends the following:

  • Involve your kids. Work with your kids to create a menu for the week, shop for ingredients and prepare their meals each day. If you are on the go, work with kids to plan healthy snacks that they can have in between meal times. This will ensure that they are engaged and excited about eating well because they have a hand in deciding the options.
  • Simplify Snacks. It's easy to incorporate summer's seasonal fruits into every meal. Keep fresh berries in the fridge and add them to cereal or on salads for a refreshing twist. Create little dippers with fresh veggies that can be dipped in yogurt or hummus for a tasty treat between meal times.
  • Skip the Soda. Water is always a great option for kids who are out in the hot sun. If your child wants a sweeter beverages at snack or meal times, skip the soda and grab a beverage that delivers on nutrition and taste.  Real fruit juice with no added sugar is a good choice, so long as it is consumed in moderation and is part of an overall healthy diet.
  • Plant a Garden. Teach children from the ground up about healthy eating principles and the importance of a well-rounded diet. Grab a shovel, some seeds and the family and head outdoors for some fun in the sun. Gardening is a great way to also get physical activity in for the whole family. Don't have a backyard? No problem. Visit your local community garden or buy a small planters box for your window ledge or balcony.  

Juicy Juice Sparkling is available in three tasty flavors - Apple, Berry and Orange. Each flavor comes in a fun 8.4-oz. can and can be found in local grocery and convenience stores across the United States. They are also available in select schools and children's recreational areas. The colorful cans are specially designed to fit kids' hands, making them easy to grip and easy to recycle. The suggested retail price is $2.68 - $2.99 for the four-bottle, multi-pack and $.99 for single-serve cans. Visit for more information on Juicy Juice Sparkling and to find healthy recipes and activities to make this summer a huge splash.

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