Summer Sales And Yoyos, Totally Wicked Forging A New Way Of Discounting e-Cigs

With a deep double dip recession underway, has one electronic cigarette company found a way to keep their customers happy and coming back for more?

Jul 30, 2012, 04:20 ET from Totally Wicked E-Liquid

BLACKBURN LANCASHIRE, England, July 30, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- TW has been a phenomenal success story, from a kitchen table business to a multimillion-pound global company within 5 years, and all in the worst economic climate for decades.

So is it Totally Wicked and their business model, or is it just the e-cigs?

Granted there are a few big e-cigs companies, one has been swallowed whole by a large Tobacco firm, but Totally Wicked is seen as a major world player in this growing sector, and it is surprising that there are not more e-cig companies the size of Totally Wicked. Admittedly they have done everything that all business's should do; carved out a niche, got the branding right, and engaged well with customers and built relationships resulting in a very loyal customer base.

Totally Wicked is innovative and forward thinking, bringing e-cig design and manufacturing to the UK, and using the finest pharmaceutical grade nicotine.

But is the success to do with their pricing and the way the company deploys discounts? Totally Wicked have discounts every Friday, and a special YoYo™ discount, where the price fluctuates and customers have to pit their wits against the YoYo™ to grab the best bargain. This is almost a continuous sale that appears to emotionally engage their customers.

Most businesses hold only seasonal sales, they discount massively their previous stock, and that is it. Totally Wicked is going to be holding a summer sale for the entire month of August, but will their overall profits in the long term benefit from weekly discounts and then a month long sale, as compared to companies that simply employ long sales? Times are changing, customers want more, and weekly discounts and a summer sales could be the way forward.

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