Sun Chlorella USA Launches Spanish-Language Online Health Resource and Clinical Study Library

Sep 30, 2010, 13:30 ET from Sun Chlorella USA

TORRANCE, Calif., Sept. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- Sun Chlorella USA, a leading provider of premium green superfood products, announced today several initiatives to further engage and inform U.S. Spanish-speaking consumers about the health benefits of regularly consuming a natural whole food called chlorella.

Starting today, consumers can visit to learn more about chlorella, an ancient freshwater algae naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, nucleic acids, amino acids and enzymes. Available from Sun Chlorella in tablet, liquid and granule form, chlorella contains the highest amount of naturally detoxifying chlorophyll of any known plant that works to bind and flush the body's system of harmful contaminants and toxins.

Though customers have come forth with countless ways this green food has helped improve their lives, chlorella's health benefits are also backed by several decades of human clinical studies and university-affiliated research showing its positive health effects for several serious and increasingly prevalent health conditions. Detailed Spanish-language information can be accessed showing chlorella's reported ability to:

  • Improve metabolic syndrome markers (common precursors to type II diabetes) such as body fat percentage, blood pressure, total serum cholesterol and fasting glucose levels
  • Reduce the body's prevalence of disease-causing and immune-suppressing environmental chemicals called dioxins by 30 percent, and how this information pertains to expectant and recent mothers
  • Positively affect unhealthy blood pressure levels and those suffering from hypertension.

"Language barriers present a missed chance for consumers to learn about simple yet powerful nutrition adjustments that can improve short- and long-term health," says Rose J. Straub, Sun Chlorella USA vice president and chief operating officer. "Chlorella is shown to address conditions affecting millions of Americans, including approximately 34 million who speak Spanish as a primary language."

In addition to the online resource, consumers can call Sun Chlorella's toll-free number (800-829-2828) for Spanish-language phone support and to request a mailed health magazine with more information on chlorella.


Sun Chlorella USA is a privately owned developer and manufacturer of premium chlorella products. Sun Chlorella Corp. holds the patent on the DYNO®-Mill pulverization processing technique, setting its chlorella offerings apart from all others on the market in terms of purity and digestibility. Its flagship Sun Chlorella "A" tablets are available at The Vitamin Shoppe and other health food retailers, and the company's full line of products are available at

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