Sun Damage Warning for Those Booking Summer Breaks

Apr 26, 2013, 12:44 ET from The Laser Treatment Clinic

LONDON, April 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

One of the things that helps people get over the winter blues when the temperatures drop and the snowfall thickens is the search for a summer holiday. Many people buy their summer holidays in January when they most need something to look forward to. However, the team at The Laser Treatment Clinic is urging people to put their health first.

Booking a summer holiday is obviously a great way of overcoming the winter blues, but experts in skincare are concerned that too many people take too few precautions when it comes to protecting their skin from the sun.

The expert advice out there is to avoid exposure to strong sun during the summer months and to think carefully about where to spend that week of summer relaxation before booking it this January. Sun damage appears in a variety of different ways, including signs of premature aging, but it often takes time for the impact of overexposure to UV rays to show.

The professionals at The Laser Treatment Clinic are offering half price courses of treatment for sun damage for a limited period of time via their website, in order to help those already suffering with sun damage to address the problem in a safe and successful manner.

However, the team recognises that the prevention is better than cure and people are best off protecting their skin properly when they go abroad or else choosing summer breaks that don't put them in such great danger of sun damage and more severe conditions like skin cancer.

Based on London's celebrated Harley Street, The Laser Treatment Clinic has over 12 years' experience in delivering advanced treatment for sun damage, as well as a range of other skin conditions, from active acne to scarring and stretch marks.

SOURCE The Laser Treatment Clinic