SunCentral Establishes a US Sales and Service Organization, Appoints a US Based Sales Director

Mar 20, 2013, 15:49 ET from SunCentral

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SunCentral today appointed Mr. John Weishaar to head its US sales and service organization. This appointment follows on the heels of a string of successes in the US, Canada and Europe, where SunCentral was selected as the lighting solution of choice by leading lighting designers, architects, and developers.


Mr. Weishaar brings over 30 years of experience in the lighting industry to the SunCentral management team. Mr. Weishaar spent nearly 4 years at Philips Professional Luminaires, where he was the General Manager for the Lighting Controls group. Before that Mr. Weishaar spent a total of 18 years at leading lighting companies, Cooper and Lithonia Lighting.

At SunCentral Mr. Weishaar will be responsible for growing the US sales and service organization. Mr. Weishaar will initially focus on driving sales of the company's existing products, such as the highly innovative SunBeamer™ 100 product line. In addition to driving sales of current products, Mr. Weishaar will also supervise the planned launch of SunCentral's next generation lighting platform by mid 2013.

Mr. Weishaar will report to the CEO of SunCentral, and will be an integral part of the company's management team. SunCentral will maintain a presence in Los Angeles and Atlanta. As part of the management team, Mr. Weishaar will also work directly with the company's CTO, Dr. Lorne Whitehead, to drive further development of innovative lighting products.

About SunCentral

SunCentral is a venture capital backed lighting technology and solutions provider with a presence in Canada and the US. SunCentral's innovative products deliver full-spectrum, glare-free sunlight deep within multi-storey buildings without significantly altering building design. SunCentral provides architects and lighting designers with placement and aesthetic flexibility by the seamless integration of its products within curtain wall systems and modern lighting fixtures. The technology is hybrid, delivering sunlight when it is sunny and high-quality electric lighting during overcast days and periods of darkness. Unlike traditional daylighting methods, sunlight is captured and distributed on any side of the building, including the north side, providing high quality daylight to previously inaccessible areas. SunCentral is a true lighting innovation, as evidenced by its growing portfolio of 28 patents, and its ability to harvest the sun with efficiencies several times greater than regular solar systems.

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