SunCentral Wins Major Contract to Install SunBeamer™ Products in Europe

Apr 29, 2013, 13:27 ET from SunCentral Inc.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- SunCentral, the leading supplier of indoor natural lighting solutions for commercial use, is pleased to announce its first European installation. SunCentral's patented SunBeamer™ 100 product will deliver natural sunlight to an iconic Canadian building - the Timber Hall at the Canadian Embassy in Berlin. A total of 20 SunBeamers™ will be installed, providing full-spectrum, natural sunlight deep within the core of the Timber Hall, a structure that is mostly shaded by adjacent buildings throughout the year.


"SunCentral has proven its technology in multiple buildings across Canada and the United States, but with this first European installation, SunCentral is starting a new chapter - a chapter that says SunCentral is ready to ship and install worldwide," explains SunCentral CEO Frank Christiaens.

SunCentral offers premium lighting products for office, healthcare and retail buildings. SunCentral empowers architects, building owners and operators to bring natural light deep within multi-story commercial spaces; to areas inaccessible by traditional daylighting methods. Due to the natural benefits of full spectrum sunlight, SunCentral's technology has the potential to increase comfort and a sense of well-being among office workers, students and healthcare patients, and to increase sales revenue for retail facilities.

Increasingly, designers, builders and operators are making strategic decisions about the way they use lighting within their buildings. It is no longer acceptable to place employees, shoppers, or patients in rooms lit only with spectrally-deficient electric lighting fixtures. The natural solution is the SunCentral System™, a collection of patented products that deliver sunlight deep within multi-storey buildings. The system relies on the SunBeamer™ to track and redirect sunlight on any side of the building, including the north side, and the SunLuminaire™ to distribute both sunlight and electric lighting up to 50 feet on every floor of a building.

About SunCentral

SunCentral is a lighting technology and products provider with presence in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Vancouver, BC. SunCentral empowers architects and lighting designers with the ability to bring controlled, full-spectrum sunlight, deep into the core of their buildings. SunCentral was formed in 2008 to found a new era in the lighting industry.

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