Sungevity Sends Free Solar Lease Estimates to California's Governor Candidates

Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman Would Save Money While Advancing Clean Energy in California

Jun 21, 2010, 15:00 ET from Sungevity

OAKLAND, Calif., June 21 /PRNewswire/ -- Sungevity, the leading online residential solar provider, challenged California's gubernatorial candidates Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman to go solar for no money down.

Utilizing the company's proprietary iQuote technology, Sungevity created customized estimates for installing solar on the Governor candidates' own homes.  The proposals, which were sent to the candidates' campaign offices, can also be viewed online by visiting .

"California has made big steps on climate change and can lead in the mission that President Obama laid out last week to reclaim our destiny with clean energy. Today, we're asking Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman to lead by example by installing solar on their homes because solar saves money and creates jobs," said Danny Kennedy, Founder of Sungevity.

To help Brown and Whitman realize their personal potential for going solar and being part of the clean energy future, Sungevity created the estimates of solar savings for both candidates' homes, based on calculations of their roof's exposure to the sun and the electricity rates they are charged. If either candidate accepts, Sungevity will install the solar for no money down, and they can pay a monthly fee for the clean electricity they will use.

This model of leasing systems for homes, with no upfront capital required, is the fastest growing segment of the solar market. Six months ago around ten percent of systems sold in California were leased or part of a "power purchase agreement"; last month over 30% of systems were. "We would like Meg and Jerry to join the momentum for a clean energy future being created by the Solar Lease," said Kennedy.

The results are in!

Meg Whitman would save the most money from going solar based on the estimates created by Sungevity on the house she is registered to vote from in Atherton. Her roof could take an 8.93 kw installation, which should reduce her electricity bill by 64%*. By installing such a large system she would like employ a crew for the better part of a week and from then on be largely dependent on clean electricity.

Jerry Brown's home in Oakland would fit a much smaller 2.82 kw system but he could save up to 34% of his electricity bill every month for average energy use as shown in his iQuote. At the very least, for $88 a month paid to Sungevity, he'll likely break even*.  Most Californians make savings against their electricity bills, and under a Solar Lease their rates are locked in and not prone to significant rises year after year.

"Campaign promises come and go, but the ability to draw energy from the sun will never expire. Our team is ready to deliver solar for Jerry and Meg," continued Kennedy. "By taking up our offer these politicians can create jobs and take a leadership role in the creation of a stronger, clean economy."

Sungevity has also provided an iQuote for the First Family's Home at

Point. Click. Solar with Sungevity.

Sungevity has designed a unique online sales process to make it easy and affordable for homeowners to go solar. Sungevity's Solar Lease offer gives most customers savings from the start. For many the electricity bill savings start immediately and increase over time. Sungevity has an easy online "iQuote" process, which enables Sungevity to use satellite images and aerial photography to assess customers' roofs remotely and accurately determine the homes' solar potential. This allows the company to furnish thousands of customers with a firm proposal to use solar power with no capital cost within 24 hours.

For more information visit: or call 866.SUN4ALL (866.786.4255)

*These estimates are not firm as they are based on assumptions of electricity consumption in the candidates' houses.

SOURCE Sungevity