SunRun Leads Home Solar Market With 10,000th Customer

One in eight solar homes in U.S. choose SunRun

Mar 01, 2011, 13:58 ET from SunRun

SAN FRANCISCO, March 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- SunRun, the nation's leading home solar company, today announced it has signed its 10,000th customer.  One out of eight homeowners in the United States who switched to solar in 2010 chose SunRun, more than with any other solar service provider. In just three and a half years, the company has become the market leader, installing over $1 million in residential solar every day.  To date, SunRun customers have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by the equivalent of over 2.2 million gallons of consumed gasoline.

"We're so proud to have reached this milestone so quickly," said CEO and Co-founder Edward Fenster.  "Less than four years ago we installed the first SunRun system on my home in San Francisco and today we lead the market.  In 20 years our goal is to be the largest producer of energy for American homeowners."

"We are passionate about our customers," said SunRun President and Co-founder Lynn Jurich.  "They know going solar with SunRun is the smart thing to do financially, that it's right for the environment, and that SunRun has the best product and customer service in the industry to make going solar affordable and easy today."

SunRun's 10,000th customer, a homeowner in Pennsylvania, proudly represents one of the company's seven markets.  Across seven states, SunRun doubled the size of its partner network to 3,000 employees in 2010, and the company has delivered over 28 million kilowatt hours to date.  SunRun continues to grow in 2011 and already represents over one quarter of all home solar installations in California.

For homeowners, SunRun's solar power service makes solar affordable, removes high upfront costs, and offers a controlled and transparent alternative to unpredictable utility rates.  "We had been looking at installing solar for the past two years and the upfront capital cost was really slowing us down," said Matt and Karen Delaney, SunRun customers in Hawaii.  "SunRun has made solar affordable for us."

Massachusetts customer Susan Moss says, "I'd been looking on the internet for solar, trying to save money as I retire. I'm on a fixed income.  The expenses, the utility bills, everything goes up, but your income stays the same. SunRun helps me level the playing field."

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SunRun, the nation's leading home solar company, is the smart and affordable choice for homeowners who want a clean alternative to their utility. SunRun offers solar power service, similar to a lease, allowing homeowners to upgrade their home to solar for as little as $0 upfront and simply pay monthly for solar electricity. More than 10,000 homeowners have chosen SunRun across Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.  SunRun partners with over 25 leading local solar installers, who together employ more than 3,000 green-collar workers. SunRun has raised financing for more than $400 million in solar systems from PG&E Corporation and U.S. Bancorp and $85 million in venture capital from Accel Partners, Foundation Capital and Sequoia Capital. For more information, please visit:

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