"Super Credit Tuesday" Poll Compares Financial Health of Presidential Candidates' Supporters

Rubio and Sanders devotees have the best credit scores, while Trump and Clinton enthusiasts have the most similar financial profiles, reports Credit Sesame

Feb 29, 2016, 14:51 ET from Credit Sesame

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Feb. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Can a person's credit profile predict how they will vote?  Credit Sesame, the leading consumer credit and personal finance company, has released a new "Super Credit Tuesday" poll today that answers this question.

The survey of a subset of Credit Sesame's seven million members last week focused on the five candidates named by the majority of participants as their choice:  Ted Cruz (R), Hillary Clinton (D), Marco Rubio (R), Bernie Sanders (D) and Donald Trump (R).

"What we found most surprising was that Trump and Clinton supporters have so much in common," said Jesse Levey, Chief Operating Officer, Credit Sesame. "We already knew that Trump has contributed to Clinton's campaigns and Clinton attended Trump's wedding – but now we know that their supporters look almost identical in terms of their financial health."

Highlights of the report include:

  • Unlikely bedfellows? Though their politics differ, Trump and Clinton's supporters have the most similar credit profiles in terms of credit scores, income, credit card balances, mortgages and more.

  • Highest median credit scores go to the supporters of Marco Rubio – 693 on the Republican side – and Sanders at 674 on the Democratic side.

  • The lowest median credit score goes to Cruz, with a median score of 653. Trump and Clinton are not far behind and nearly tied at 658 for Clinton and 660 for Trump.

  • Bankruptcy data: Trump supporters have almost double the bankruptcy rate that Cruz and Rubio have, with 12% of them having done so.

"Trump supporters are almost twice as likely to have filed for bankruptcy as other GOP candidates," continued Levey.  "This is not surprising given that Trump himself has filed for bankruptcy four times."

Click here for Credit Sesame's full "Super 'Credit' Tuesday: Comparing Credit Health of Presidential Candidates' Supporters" report. 

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About the "Super 'Credit' Tuesday: Comparing Credit Health of Presidential Candidates' Supporters" Report:
Credit sesame sent the survey to 30,000 people from a subset of its seven million users on February 22-23.  All data from the 1,350 respondents incorporated in this poll was anonymized and aggregated. Unless otherwise indicated, the data was calculated to present the median for the group of consumers to which it refers. References to credit scores, for example, refer to median credit scores (rather than average credit scores), as do references to credit card balances and credit limits.


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